Apr 242010

Today is Chooch’s last day as a three-year-old. Here’s hoping he’s as charming and adorable as I was at that age, because if he continues down this path of petulance, I’m not so sure I can continue being his mommy.

You got that, Child Protective Services?


Pantsless zombie, the new fashion statement. It’s what I’m wearing to work on Monday.


This is either him emulating the undead or mocking me. I can’t decipher between the two anymore.

God help me.


If the two’s were terrible, then the three’s were a regular trepanning.


This was right as he was saying, “Zombies are fucking assholes.”

We are currently looking into homeschooling. Well, Henry is. I’m looking into a nice one bedroom apartment a few states away.

  12 Responses to “Bon Voyage to the Three’s”

  1. zombies -are- fucking assholes!

  2. Happy birthday Chooch! (Now will he forever be known as Chooch or do you actually call him by his real name?)

    • Thanks!

      We call him both. It’s kind of evenly split between Chooch and Riley throughout the family. If anyone asks him his name, he always says Riley, thank god!

      Personally, I call him Chooch more than Riley. I have to hesitate sometimes when I talk about him to people who don’t know him as Chooch.

  3. If you homeschool Chooch he’s going to be the most awesome human being in the history of the universe!

    I really kind of want one of his zombie pictures. Would you sell one as a print instead of a card? I need to wash my walls and put up some art. I have had my eye on one of yours for a long time. <3

  4. haha oh chooch. He’s for reals the only cool kid I know of.

    (zombies are totally fucking assholes. good that you learn this lesson early. me? it took 20 years)

    also, pantless zombie has totally been seen on the runways lately! HOW “HAUTE” OF CHOOCH! momma’s* proud

    *homo stranger who you’ve never met

  5. Homeschooling Chooch could be truly interesting, but you’d have to take summer vacations away for your own sanity. I have never called him by his legal name or witnessed anyone else do so… I’m not entirely convinced Chooch isn’t his real name, and this whole “Riley thing” isn’t just a ploy to sound somewhat normal.

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