Mar 202008

Collin said that he caught some show on Food Network that was all about polenta.

"Was it awesome?" I asked.

"I didn’t watch it," he said. "I figured I get enough of that at work."

Tonight is his last night sitting next to me because he got a job in a different department. I’m kind of glad that after tonight I won’t have to shield my monitor as defensively, listen to him listening to the best of Lilith Fair, have my every action criticized, and learn of new similarities he shares with Henry. (They both have black hair and glasses and like computer things and Alton Brown, OMG.)

But I guess I’ll miss him.

About as much as Paris Hilton would miss the paparazzi.

I asked him if he’ll be sad when he sits far away and is unable to spy on my every move. Without any hesitation he said "Yes" way more emphatically than I would have guessed.

Though I know he’ll be next to leave, I still have Bob. And without having Collin wedged in between us, we’ll be able to talk about the Real World with greater ease, a topic Collin will surely miss. I’m angry at Bob at the moment though because yesterday he made a big deal about today being some sort of Mister Roger’s Rememberance Day, and everyone was supposed to wear their favorite sweater today. I mean, Bob hyped this so much that it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. I made a point of selecting my favorite sweater to wear, feeling like it might be akin to spitting on Fred Roger’s grave if I had the audacity to wear a cotton blend instead. Or a polyester lab coat.

Bob is not wearing a sweater today. "Oh, oops. I forgot about that," was his flimsy excuse.

Oh oops. I forgot.

Just wait until the day he needs something. "Oh oops, I forgot about that," I’ll say, when Bob weakly asks if I remembered to bring in that spare kidney he needs to stay alive.

Regardless, it’s still a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Not that I can see much of it.

  12 Responses to “End of Eras and Sweaters.”


  2. Well, at least YOU can be content in knowing you wore a sweater in honor of a great man.

  3. “Just wait until the day he needs something. “Oh oops, I forgot about that,” I’ll say, when Bob weakly asks if I remembered to bring in that spare kidney he needs to stay alive.” — made me laugh.

    I received your lovely mix CD today. What alien technology do you possess that lets you put all those songs onto one disc? I thought you were just burning some Chiodos, which is why I was confused it was taking so long. You are too good to me. I look forward to listening to this at work this weekend!

    • I’m so glad it arrived! I just picked the option of making an mp3 cd, instead of regular mix, so it allows for much more room. The only thing with that though is that usually it will only play in a computer, unless you have a CD player that’s mp3 compatible. But I know you have an iPod so I figured it would be OK!

  4. Yes indeedy I have an iPod. But I might have to delete everything else off it to fit this monstrosity : ) (only 2 GB, sad I know)

  5. heh, so you made a bigger effort to celebrate his thing, than he did

    well…all the attention is flattering, I guess? Maybe? either way, I’m sure it’s easier to deal with knowing its temporary

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