Mar 212008

I was just asked if I’m 21 or older. I said yes but I have no id. The ticket lady was all, “No wristband for you” so now I’m stuck in the kiddy area. I’m struggling with how to feel about this. Who needs alcohol when there’s Powerade, am I right?

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  1. I just wanted to let u know that ur having fun.


  2. aww… how cute!

    alcohol could make you feel queasy newayz…

  3. Powerade is good stuff! But I think you are torn between the frustration of being denied, vs how flattering it is to be mistaken for 21

    • Red Powerade is good! And refreshing. I probably wouldn’t have had any alcohol anyway, but would have stood in the cordoned-off area just to look awesome. I don’t like beer and all that bottled fruity stuff makes my stomach hurt. Hard cider in THIS house!

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