May 182020

I feel like I take way more pictures of Drew than Penelope but that’s honestly just because Drew is more in-your-face than Penelope, who spends most of the day sleeping in her hidden nooks and secret hides-holes. But I guess because it’s warming up, she’s been out and about more and I have been trying to take as many snaps as possible so it doesn’t seem like I’M PLAYING CAT-FAVORITES.

So here is a mini-photo album of Penelope, little baby Peeeeeeeen-lop, over the past few days.

Sitting pretty!

Chooch is so fake-mean to her (he’s always like “Drew is the best” and makes vomit sounds when he sees Penelope and he calls her a rat but that’s really just to deflect the fact that he knows she’s prettier than his beloved Drew–we have weird competitions in this house) but she is always like LETS CUDDLE ANYWAY and spends a lot of time in his room watching him play Fortnite with his dumb friends.

Thinking about which plant she’s going to Hulk-smash first.

And here she is getting book recommendations from one of my favorite Booktubers, BooksandLala.

Ok, Penelope says thanks for looking! Now it’s time to pester Henry for dinner!

Say it don't spray it.

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