Jun 162020

I’ll tell you if there’s one upside about COVID19 (there’s not) it’s that our weekends have been especially productive lately. I mean, not having anywhere to go helps, because even though the shit we’ve been getting done is the stuff that’s been on The List for years, we (I) would always choose fun stuff over, you know, yard work.

But this weekend, we made a little retaining wall/fence thingy out of pieces of a broken pallet and I told everyone that I did all the work and I think people actually believed that because quarantine is really doing a thing to our minds, I guess. I did pick out the colors and even spray-painted some of the slats, though!

Chooch is the one who drove them all into the ground…

…but then Henry went around afterward and re-did it all, wow.

Our yard is still whack, but that fence-thing does make me very happy.

I asked Henry is our social justice sidewalk annoys him and he quietly answered, “I wouldn’t have bought you more chalk if it did.” THAT MAYBE WAS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING HE’S EVER SAID TO ME?

In other project news:

  • we’re also currently redoing our coffee table. Years ago, we had turned  it into a phot collage, which was cool but if we’re being honest, there are some people featured on this that I no longer speak to, plus water spilled on it and Henry hadn’t sealed the photos properly so the fiberboard underneath it got all bloated and warped the top. (So, if you’ve ever wondered, “How well did that DIY hold up?” the answer is “not well.” Lol.) We’re mostly keeping the concept the same, changing the colors up just a bit, but the pictures will be strictly from our Korea trips because I can’t imagine ever tiring of looking at those, as opposed to stupid girls who harass me online, lol.
  • moderate kitchen makeover
  • light up clouds above the steps  because why not
  • the Seoul subway project is at a standstill because Henry ordered a roll of plastic for the front of it and USP shipped it back and forth from Georgia to Virginia and back again, numerous times, so that by the time it made it to us in Pittsburgh, it was damaged and Henry had to return it. The odds are really stacked against us for this project.

In other weekend news:

  1. we hung out with Blake and Haley Saturday night, for the first time since the pandemic hit us! Granted, we all just chilled outside in the yard and weren’t like, hugging each other or anything, but it was nice to talk to them in person and not via Instagram or through their window.
  2. Chooch tagged along on our Sunday cemetery walk because he’s back on that Pokémon Go tip, which is at least getting him out of the house. Anyway, we’re always a walking caravan of dysfunction when we go on family walks together. And then at one point, Chooch found a tombstone he liked and asked us to get one for him!? I was like, “OMG HOPEFULLY WE ARE BOTH DEAD BY THE TIME YOU REQUIRE A TOMBSTONE, THANKS.” God, morbid much.
  3. Chooch’s nemesis Larry’s dog almost came into our house on Saturday, so that was cool. She’s a big-ass Doberman and I’m sure my cats would have loved that.
  4. we watched LA 92 Sunday night and as previously mentioned in one of my recent book review posts when I wrote about Your House Will Pay (loosely based on the LA riots), the amount of facts I knew about the Rodney King case and aftermath was extremely limited. I mean I know I was in middle school and was probably playing Girl Talk and watching Hey Dude or something, but shit—my parents must not have talked about the news at the dinner table or else I was too busy scowling at my lima beans and pork chops to remember. But yeah, I definitely feel like I just flat out didn’t know it was as fucking devastating as it was. I just remember seeing the Rodney King footage at the time, but HOLY FUCK those riots were some horrifying purge-type shit. It’s been two days since we watched it and I still can’t wipe some of those images out of my mind. I think it’s a very important documentary, ESPECIALLY during this latest bout of civil unrest and racial injustice and inequality, but please heed the viewer discretion at the beginning because there were moments where it was literally like watching a snuff film and I have had unsettling dreams ever since.
  5. after regaling Blake & Haley with horror stories from school, Chooch felt compelled to start his own blog, of his own accord! I’m so excited about this but also treading lightly because if I get too smothery/school marmy/pushy about it, or even show too much interest, he’ll quit. Being a mom is so tricky sometimes. But anyway! His blog is fun and I hope he doesn’t lose interest! Go check it out!

Well, I think that’s all that happened this past weekend.



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