May 182010

“Do you want Cap’n Crunch?” I asked Chooch in an attempt to be a mom.

“Yeah, I already said that I want it later,” he replied in his patented drawl of sass, mockery and exasperation – your typical teenage side dish.  I always have to pull back from flicking him.

“OK. So you want it later,” I reiterated, making sure I got it right because god only knows with him.

“It is later now,” he yelled. “Go get it!” SEE??

And as I came over here to preserve this lovely conversation in my blog, he appeared next to me and said, “Make sure you tweet about it, too.”

Yes, Your Majesty.

  6 Responses to “Today I Learned the Definition of “Later””

  1. Ohhh Erin… I’m laughing but that attitude has got to be frustrating. If I talked to my parents like that, my dad would have yelled at me until I was in tears.

    So when does he start preschool?

    • OMG Jenn, he acts like I’m so beneath him sometimes! All I can do is sit there and stare at him in bewilderment. He’s um, a real joy sometimes. You would love him!

  2. oh, yeah… alpha is always asking me, “Did you facebook that?”

  3. Oscar tells me how to drive. And people laugh when I call him Il Duce……

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