Mar 262008

I was enjoying a bowl of Rice Krispies this morning when it occured to me that Chooch had yet to be exposed to the whole "snap crackle pop" phenomenon. Thinking we could have one of those really sentimental monochromatic commercial moments where the only thing in color is the bowl of cereal and the kid looks at the mom like she’s a beautiful fairy princess sent to earth by the cereal gods, I tried to call him over.

"Chooch, come listen to the cereal! It talks!"

He glared at me and with those angry eyes he was calling me a fucking idiot, I just knew it. Then he went back to torturing the cat.

In other words, it wouldn’t have made a very good commercial. I don’t know, maybe on some channels.

  4 Responses to “Chooch, Non-Believer of Talking Foodstuffs”

  1. jesus christ, i like your kid.

  2. he’s going to be a bully.

    well- i guess he already kind of is.

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