Oct 132020

I was off on Friday, so three cheers for long weekends, amirite?

It was a pretty chill weekend. The weather was wonderful, so I got in a lot of great neighborhood walks while Henry stayed home and did chores, lololol. Anyway, let’s bullet our way through this, but first, here’s a picture of Drew in the JZZBAR:

  • As we work our way through redoing various rooms, our living room gets more and more cluttered. It’s currently the catch-all for all the things that need new spots to live. It’s pretty annoying but I am trying to be patient because one day everything will be to my liking – just in time for us to pack it all up and move, probably. But while we’re on the topic of the living room, we ALMOST had the coffee table finished on Saturday! But then Dumbo Henry realized that he measured and math’d wrongly so we ended up not having enough pictures to put down so WHAT’S ANOTHER WEEK WITH AN UNFINISHED COFFEE TABLE YOU KNOW? Henry can be extremely frustrating to work with sometimes/all the time. We could never have our own DIY show. Or maybe we could, actually. The drama would be real. Might even turn into a snuff film.
  • Henry and I finished buddy-reading “The Devil All the Time” on Saturday and this was a solid 5-star for me. But more importantly, we were able to watch the movie on Netflix that night and it was really good, fairly true to the book although before it started, I adamantly punched my leg and shouted, “THEY BETTER INCLUDE THE CARNY PARTS” and GUESS WHAT, THEY DID NOT!!! So, that was a sad time for me. I have to say, I’m not sure that I would have enjoyed the movie, or even had been inspired to watch it AT ALL, if I hadn’t read the book first, but Tom Holland nailed it as Arvin Russell. Have you read the book or watched the movie? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS (lol).

  • I was so gung-ho about decorating for Halloween this year but then this is the most I’ve accomplished, lol. We even went to Spirit over the weekend and I was just like, “eh.” I knew this would happen and I’m so angry with myself that I let ambivalence win.
  • I started watching The Haunting of Bly Manor on Sunday because I had cramps and felt like doing nothing but being supine and whiny. It’s pretty engaging but not nearly as scary as The Haunting of Hill House was. I think I only have two episodes left and this bitch better go balls to the wall or I’m gonna be sad.

  • Taemin and I had our 30 day Bubble anniversary on Sunday! Getting voice messages from him is the best $3.something a month I’ve ever spent.


  • I’ve had numerous lithops over the years but this is the first one that sprouted a flower. Plants are so fucking weird and cool.

  • Speaking of plants, I redecorated this corner of the house and filled several bottles and vases with some of the flowers from our yard and I’m kind of like WHO AM I but also I LOVE WHO I AM NOW. Henry had to install an electrical outlet on this wall so that I could plug in the neon popsicle. And again I say, get ye a person who knows wires & currents & etc.

I made that painting for Henry several years ago for his birthday probably and I have thrown it in the garbage in various fits of rage over the years yet here it still is. It has a collection of all the music festivals I have dragged him to since 2001. I realized yesterday that I never added KCON to it so I took care of that posthaste!

  • A big reason why I’m always like HELLO I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY laterly is because the only thing I have been concerned about is the upcoming motherfucking election. I feel like my blood is powered by hot coals these days and I could fill this stupid site with rant after rant but I am not a political blogger nor am I coherent when I am angry, but OMFG when will it be enough!? The motherfucker literally infected the White House with covid and then said IT’S NOT A THREAT. BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT. That piece of shit leaves the hospital for a joyride through his throngs of rabid, brainless sycophants while people HAVE DIED/ARE DYING/WILL DIE/WILL LOSE A LOVED ONE TO THIS FUCKING VIRUS and he’s telling his crazy-ass lunatic MAGA pedants not to let it control their lives?! CONTINUES TO BELITTLE AND UNDERMINE SCIENCE AND THE NECESSITY OF SOCIAL DISTANCING AND WEARING A MASK? I haven’t seen my friends, family, been to my office, eaten in a restaurant, traveled, rode a roller coaster, etc SINCE MARCH because LEGIT SCIENCE HAS PROVIDED GUIDELINES FOR US and I’m sorry, but when the FUCKING PRESIDENT struts around with his middle fingers up to Dr. Fauci and the rest of the world who are trying SO HARD to come out the other side of this pandemic, I just want to fucking dropkick him into a vat of scorpions and BLM bumper stickers. I’M SORRY BUT CAN WE STOP BEING THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE PLANET YET? Can we call please be SMARTIES and VOTE FOR BIDEN on November 3rd!? CAN WE EVICT THIS RACIST BIRTHER PIECE OF SHIT FROM THE WHITE HOUSE AND FILL IT WITH PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT AMERICANS? THANK YOU.

I’m going now. I’m so angry.


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  1. If you enjoy drag queens (and who doesn’t)- watch Trixie Mattel and Katya “I Like To Watch”- they did both The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of Hill House. “Dress for the job you want ..and she wants to be murdered”

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