Nov 072020

Got this image from Twitter, credit unknown!

I didn’t realize how much stress and anxiety I had been carrying until this moment, when so much of it came melting off me like Tammy Faye Baker’s makeup during a good spiritual cry.

This country is so broken and it’s going to need a lot more than this to fix it, but hey – at least we know which of our neighbors and relatives are racists now, if we hadn’t already.

I cut a friend out of my life this year because of their flagrant disdain toward the BLM movement so in a way, thanks for enabling people to show their true colors, Trump.

I’m looking forward to not having to spend holidays with my Trumper family members this year, that’s for sure. Also looking forward to having a president I can respect again, and not being embarrassed to be an American.

Let’s show the world that we can be a team player again!

  One Response to “3x a Charm!”

  1. There’s plenty of rejoicing up here too. Alas, Canada too has too many right-wing nutbars … and it IS disheartening to find them among one’s own friends, family, and neighbours but, as you say, at least we now know what our acquaintances are really made of. Better to be aware. -Kate

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