Mar 292008

I’m leaving today to see that fucker Christina in Cinicinnati.

And also, these fuckers will be seen tonight:


I’ve loved them long time! I asked Christina if she was excited, and she said, "If excited means scared, then yes." One of my friends just saw them in NYC and said their set was reall dark so I’m looking forward to adding some misery and depression back into my world. I’ve kind of missed it.

Henry will be home alone (well, with Chooch) this weekend. I bet he:

1. watches a lot of porn

2. sleeps while on Chooch watch

3. orders a hoagie and lots of wings

4. farts a lot

5. calls the party line

Probably he’ll forgo the porn for playing with Photoshop though. I’ll be prank-calling him a lot tonight to keep him on point.

  2 Responses to “XIU XIU”

  1. i was scared…
    and rightfully so!!!!!!

    they are AWESOME though!!!

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