Apr 022008

When I was visiting Christina last weekend, I was relieved to see that the Used amulet I got her last year for a belated Christmas present is still thriving. I mean, I’d prefer that she’d use it the way God intended — wrapped around her neck like a sparkling, rhinestoned noose — but as long as it’s not in a Goodwill (or landfill), I guess I can’t complain.

Maybe that’s why she was so adamant about using her car on Saturday and not mine, to ensure that I’d see for myself that it’s still kicking — as a car ornament. I’d be pissed though if I was the amulet. It’s essentially been relegated to the land of pine tree car fresheners and plastic Hawaiian leis. She should at least wear once a day. Thursdays would make good Designated Amulet Days.

What kind of crappy gifts have you received that you grudgingly keep around to stay in the good graces of the gifter?

  11 Responses to “Unwantables”

  1. loads of jewelry
    several books
    both of my brothers

  2. Clothing. I hate when people get me clothing I haven’t already pointed out. That does not count as a crappy gift, I guess, and I know Mom wants me to have nice clothes, but our tastes DIFFER A LOT. And my work environment is not conducive to nice clothing, you know?

    • YES! I can circle clothes that I want in a catalogue and my mom will still go to Kohl’s and get me sweaters that I would NEVER wear. Maybe not even when I’m fifty.

  3. Have you checked the bathroom stall at work lately? I just made a post on LJ, it amused me :)

  4. anything that’s not an amulet or razorblade necklace…

    THAT i wear.

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