Apr 022008

It’s been exactly one week since I got my temporary crown. Every night around nine o’clock, it starts hurting.

I’m still not chewing on that side of my mouth, so I don’t know why it still hurts. Is this normal? Or should I expect to have what’s left of my molar amputated? Or am I going to die of sepsis?

I need to be held. Also, I need some hillbilly heroin and a good porn.

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  9 Responses to “dental despair”

  1. Did it hurt right after you had the crown put on? I don’t know what’s normal with these things, but be sure to tell the dentist when you go back!!!

  2. I think it may be normal to hurt for a couple of weeks from the trauma, and maybe experience shooting pains the dentists call “zingers”. I’ve had my real crown for three months and I still won’t chew on that side of my mouth because it feels fuckin weird. I think I need to have it readjusted… lowered or something.

    • OK, that makes me feel better. I mean, not that I’m happy you’re in the same boat, but at least now I know it’s normal.

      I keep reminding myself that it could be so much worse and I could not have a tooth at all, but UGHUGHUGH I want to forget about this damn thing!

    • Know what’s funny about that? I have a tooth on the other side of my mouth that used to have a crown, but it came off a few years ago and I never had it put back. I chew on the “tooth stump” just fine. It’s much more comfortable than the crown ever was.

  3. i can prob find porn and heroin.

  4. Yikes, that sounds like absolute crap! I just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed – over Easter – so I can empathise with the whole eating dilemma. Fortunately, I didn’t have much of an appetite, and mostly ate yogurt, anything mashed, and ice cream (which wasn’t all bad!)
    Good luck to you! Hope it all goes well.
    Just a girl

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