May 192021

Drew and Penelope were bitching about how I don’t post about them enough so here is a CAT PHOTO DUMP god they’re so pushy.

I have an entire weekend of amusement parks to recap but catch me posting pictures of cat instead. IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL CAT-POST WHEN I WANT TO.

They both still prefer to drink their water out of people cups.

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I’ve created monsters.

Someone’s happy to have her chair back! (It used to be in the living room but we moved it to the back porch after getting a church pew, and then Henry took the whole thing apart because he wanted to restuff it and whenever he says he’s going to do something, it usually takes a few months.)

I should be relaxing back here with Penelope and one of my many Asian Read-a-thon books but THERE ARE CHILDREN PLAYING/SCREAMING/YELLING/CRYING on the other side of that wall SO NO THANKYOU.

I yawned when I looked at this picture.

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Probably I should go to bed soon. Chooch does REAL, IN PERSON SCHOOL on Thursdays and Fridays and my dumb ass thought it would be a nice motherly thing to drive him so he won’t have to take public transportation (do not even get me started on how LUDICROUS his school’s bus situation is; they’re lucky they’re such a good fucking school or I would have been like JUST CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SCHOOL FOR HIGH SCHOOL THIS IS DUMB). Anyway, it’s such a drag, not because there’s traffic (there isn’t) or because it takes a long time to get there (it doesn’t), but because he is SUCH A JERKY, SULLEN TEEN IN THE MORNINGS and I feed off his negativity and then come home and want to set things on fire. Last week, I came home and danced* to the new NCT Dream song “Hot Sauce” for approx. 17 minutes until I realized I was smiling and not looking to commit arson anymore.

*(By dancing I mean jumping up and down and shadow boxing while screaming YEAH THAT’S OUR JAM to the cats, PICTURED ABOVE.

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Say it don't spray it.

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