Apr 082008

Eleanore is cutting what I can only guess is miniature coupons for little woodland dwarves and even though I know that it’s paper she’s cutting, the tiny snip-snipping sounds painfully similar to finger nails being cut and my shoulders are now earrings, thank you Eleanore.

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EDIT: Um, never mind, ew ew ew, definitely finger nails.

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So fucking disgusting.

  8 Responses to “OMG annoying work sounds”

  1. Gah. People drive me crazy. Even on my job, where there’s no one around, I have to deal with doctors chewing while they talk in my headphones, which drives me ROUND THE BEND.

    Why can’t everyone be as self-aware as us?

    • UGH she does the foody phone calls too. NO COUTH. I swear, I love Eleanore, but I would love her a lot more if I didn’t sit near her.

      She clips coupons all the time here, and then honestly DROPS the scissors back down instead of setting them down, and it’s so startling.

  2. AT WORK E?!?!?!?!

  3. I’m annoyed…
    and I’m like 700 miles away.

  4. Oh, man, you just DO NOT clip your nails at the office. Just NO!

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