Jul 122010


Success is managing to photograph the subject without getting sprayed with milk and dirty boy spit.

  13 Responses to “Milkstache”

  1. Careful, he’s loaded and pointed at you!

  2. He looks like he needs a caption of “Got Milk?” below his picture…

  3. lol I just wanna bop his cheeks together… in your direction

    chooch fountain haha

  4. Now THAT takes impeccable timing and talent.

    Or maybe not so much talent but just luck.

    Either way, cool ‘stache.

  5. Working 67 hours last week…exhausting.

    Being away from LJ and not knowing what friends are up too….aggravating

    Finally having time to pop on LJ and seeing Chooch in all his glory….PRICELESS!!!!

    ~laughs~ thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes, that does take talent! Looks like you have some! ;)

    Great pic!

Say it don't spray it.

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