Apr 112008

Made a mixtape for ya’ll, I did.


  12 Responses to “From me to you. Marginally better than herpes.”

  1. Like Cockatoos! WOO HOO!!!

  2. Yeah, taken as a whole, I think that’s their best too. I specifically put Like Cockatoos on every mix tape I made for a period of a year or so. I used to be the mix tape queen.

    Incidentally when I clicked on any one song in the muxtape thingie you posted, my computer just flailed. Not sure if I should have been able to access samples directly from that thingie or not. I’ll check it out from another angle.

    • Oops, that went the wrong way, sorry.

    • That’s weird! You should be able to click on one song and then it’ll just play through continuously to the end, song by song. You don’t need to download it or anything. I hate it when things don’t work for everyone!

    • Well, I just tried it again and it loaded the first song this time instead of just flashing around but still won’t play it. I bet one of these times it will work. What an AWESOME idea!! I’m going to make one someday myself. :D

    • OK, that’s it, it just doesn’t work on Firefox. IE works fine. Alert the media! (There’s a blog post about it actually.)

    • You should definitely make one! I want to hear.

      I miss the days of exchanging mix tapes. I tried to revive it a few years ago by creating an LJ community just for mix tapes, but it didn’t do very well, lol.

  3. Hi. I am listening to this now. I’m enjoying these songs. Thank you for the music!

  4. holy shit!!! AWESOME FUCKING PLAYLIST!!!!

    like a punch in the gut… in the good way.

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