Apr 172008

Instead of working, I’m flipping through an old notebook I kept when I was sixteen; a scrapbook of decoupaged pages of magazine clippings and ads for haunted houses, stream-of-consciousness scribblings, and my signature brand of really stupid poems. Also apparently I was running a CD rental program and kept a log of who had what and when it was returned.

It seems on one really special occasion, I felt compelled to list my idols at the top of one the pages.

  1. Michael Myers
  2. Jason Voorhees
  3. Ellen DeGeneres
  4. Bizzie Bone, of Bone Thugs n Harmony fame
  5. Jennifer Aniston
  6. DaBrat
  7. El DeBarge

No wonder my parents are so proud of me.

Hopefully, I still have time to become a lesbian psychopathic (just a few breakdowns away!) killer with awesome flow, a penchant for chainsaws, and perfect hair before falling into obscurity (seriously, El, where did you go?). Luckily, I already have the ‘brat’ part mastered.

I don’t have any idols anymore.


  10 Responses to “From the notebook, 1995”

  1. you’re my idol.

    but- we know this.

  2. ahhh, 1995. Jennifer Aniston was my idol then, too. :) And I used to sing Bone Thugs n Harmony songs with my fellow sandwich maker at my job. I remember talking about Ross and Rachel’s first kiss and then breaking into a disturbing rendition of 1st of Tha Mooooonth!

    So sad.

  3. I’m going to need to see the rest of the contents of this notebook. Seriously, get on that.

  4. Rat-a-tat-tat

    I always knew you were a closet Short Circuit fan

  5. So El is a Gemini from Michigan. And has an unflattering last name. How poopy all around.

    Still, he is worth idolizing. I mean, “Who’s Holding Donna Now!” Soulful.

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