Mar 312022

Hi. Today I got my hair done for the first time since way before the pandemic because even though it was manageable pre-pandemic, things took a turn over the last two years and while I had some good hair days here and there, I was really starting to look like I just rolled out of a hole in the side of a mountain. Plus, I’m going back to the office this Tuesday, and then vacation the week after, so…it was time for some blending.

This was right after I got home. I went to Sergio’s which is where I used to go years and years ago until my fave stylist opened her own salon with her mom & some other Broad but then she left that place too and I was like “look I can’t keep following you” because I have gone down this path too many times and at some point convenience for me has got to win.

So, back to Sergio’s. I had a new-to-me stylist who got ‘er done. She and the receptionist gal loved all of my accessories.

“My son thinks I’m so embarrassing,” I shrugged.

“NO. YOU ARE COOL. You have LAYERS to your personality and we keep discovering more,” my stylist said as the receptionist nodded in agreement so I guess we know where I’ll be going from now on.

And here is how my hair held up after I did some kickboxing tonight:

I like it! Of course henry and chooch see no difference but their opinion doesn’t rank anyway.

Well that’s all for now.

Say it don't spray it.

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