Jul 312010

It was back in 2002, maybe 2003, when my brother Corey was really into the Canadian show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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He forced Janna and me to watch it with him one time, and every time Emma was in a scene, he would swoon and say, “That’s Miriam McDonald!” I think he only liked her because she looked like our neighbor Lauren whom I HATED because when she was 5 or so, she called me BRACE FACE and hello, I was HER ELDER. I was like, ten!

Last year, when I was out of work, there was a Degrassi marathon on The N (now Teen Nick, FYI).

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I watched it to be ironic. But then I found myself saying things out loud like, “Wait, JT died? WHEN?” So it became an obsession. I had to see every episode. From the beginning. AND I DID. I would send Henry texts throughout the day, saying things like, “OMG JAY GAVE EMMA HERPES” and he’d be like, “Oh my god! Wait…Oh. Degrassi.”

Earlier tonight, I go to Corey, “Do you still watch Degrassi?” He laughed, all smug-like, and said, “Uh, no.” Like he’s so above it because he’s in college now. I began a wild flurry of a recap, telling him what had went down in the dramatic, action-packed mini-movie “The Heat Is On.” He was aghast. His mouth hung open.

“It has a shout-out to DRAKE*,” I saved for the cherry-on-top.

“Shut up,” he whispered.

“I saved the recording for you and Alisha to watch tonight!” And that’s what they’re doing right now.

*Drake the rapper was JIMMY on Degrassi, in case you weren’t already privy. He was CAPPED IN THE BACK in a school shooting and PARALYZED. The last I saw him on Degrassi, he was going to New York for some experimental surgery, but then never came back to tell us if he could walk again because he had to go off and start a highly successful music career IRL.

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What a selfish prat.

  6 Responses to “#28: How My Degrassi Obsession Formed”

  1. i got hooked on degrassi via marathon;; and had NO clue drake was jimmy.

    that’s one for the mind eff.

    thanks. lol

  2. You need to watch Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High! See Spike and everyone when they were just kids. :)

  3. Today was Spike from Degrassi’s 40th birthday. I only know that because I just started this Tumblr: http://lordylordylookwhos40.tumblr.com/

  4. Such a great show…HAHAHA. :D

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