Jul 312010

Something just happened!

There is a church across the street from me. Every Saturday night, there is an NA meeting that takes place there. Sometimes it gets really rowdy, and the attendees will congregate in the parking lot, laughing and talking loudly at 2am. It’s like living across from a bar sometime.

I was outside having a cigarette with Alisha when I heard a particularly loud and boisterous voice emanating from within the bowels of the church.

“I’m going over there to inspect,” I informed Alisha. She didn’t care. She is EXHAUSTED today from having to post twice an hour in that blog that she doesn’t have. She sat on my front steps and let me go, didn’t even tell me to be careful, to call out “MERLOT TASTES LIKE FEET” if my covert operation went awry.

Hunched down low, I crept over to the steps that lead down into the basement of the church.

“I put my pants on in the morning like all of you do in hopes of staying CLEAN!” boomed the voice of a worked-up, feverish black man. I froze in my tracks. The hair stood up on my arms. This man was angry. He was preaching to his former-junkie apostles.

Just then, a car pulled in the lot.

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Spotted, I ran back across the street just as a man got out of his car and walked over to the steps.

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He stood there. I turned my back on the church and faced Alisha, horrified.


“He’s just finishing his cigarette,” Alisha mumbled as the man stubbed it out on the wall next to the steps; we watched as his head vanished as he descended the steps to join the others in the meeting.

Only a full workday left to go!

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  3 Responses to “#33: Eavesdropping”

  1. Lol you’re hilarious Erin! Keep up the blogs, i’m retiring for the night but it looks like you’ve got this thing in the bag. But i’ve pulled my fair share of all-nighters thanks to my nerdy career choice… And i should warn you that 3-4 am ish can be a strange strange time. “They” say it’s around that time that our internal clock resets…. Just don’t believe your keyboard when it starts telling you how soft he is and how he’ll wake you up in 15 minutes… He’ll even tell you “oh it’ll be a power nap and you’ll wake up good as new”… You need to look him right between the F and the J and tell him “Get behind me Satan!”
    Too many times i’ve awaken with only an hour left till my deadline and a face embossed with QWERT and with a sick hopeless feeling! Be strong Ruby… Be strong!
    Wonka ;-)

    • Oooh, I know that dreaded 3am-4am body shut-down thing. It happens to me every time I do Blogathon, but for some REALLY weird reason, it didn’t happen at all this time. One one hand, I was like, “Wow, this is great! I made it 24 hrs without having to stick myself with needles” but on the other hand, I was like, “Am I broken?”

      The first time I did this, I was alone for the last 8 hours. It was TOUGH.

      Thank you for sponsoring me and for following along! It made me so happy to see your name pop up in my inbox every time you commented:)

  2. HA! BUSTED!! Sounds like something I would do!

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