Jul 042022

Henry and I were both off on Friday and I thought would be nice to have a FAMILY BREAKFAST since Chooch will be leaving for Mexico soon and I just want to cram in as much family time as possible, so sue me!

I chose Cafetano in the strip and apparently I was the only one who thought it was good – the guys just thought it was ok. I had a croissant with guava jam and it was actually more delicious and substantial than I expected but, and hear me out, it felt like more of a treat/snack than a breakfast? Like when you’re on vacation and sightseeing and stumble upon a cafe at a non-meal time and decide to get a big pasty, it’s not your lunch or anything, it’s just a random timed non-meal feeding?

That’s how this felt to me. A mid-morning vaca treat.

But yeah. We’re such horrible terrible mean parents, taking our son out to breakfast GOD FORBID. You’d have thought we were taking him to forcibly donate all of his Pokémon shit to the nearest landfill.

Don’t worry, we did eventually take the big baby home.

More Adventures In “All Three Of Us Are Home Together” Land:

I tagged along with Henry and Chooch who were walking to get a haircut for Chooch because his mop has gotten very unruly.

Chooch: Why did she have to come with us?

Henry: She needs steps.

Chooch: Couldn’t she just walk the other direction?

Apparently I’m annoying?!!?

Anyway, this was another reason, same day, for Chooch to act like we’re the WORST PARENTS. I guess we should let him starve in his bedroom growing locks to rival Crystal Gale. Who knows. I try not to poke the bear.



Well, in other news, Henry and I just finished the last episode of Stranger Things tonight and I am wrecked. IYKYK. Back to work tomorrow, and of course it’s my in-office day when I’m exhausted from a long weekend of traveling and fun, with swollen puffy eyes from all the crying I did over Stranger Things. Chooch came running downstairs when he realized we were watching it, to confirm that I was crying. He was satisfied with his discovery.

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