Aug 052010

Henry is trying to brainwash me with tales of FBI, imprisonment, and confiscation of all phones and Internet for the rest of my life. I guess he doesn’t like it when his life partner, Manuel, leaves him messages. (Often while Henry is sitting right next to me.)

No matter, Manuel had other people to call. Like Elizabeth, upon longtime LiveJournal friends Dawny Darko and Notbatman’s request. I try not to think too much about the calls ahead of time, preferring instead to just dive right in. I’m sure that’s not noticeable at all.

Meanwhile, Henry was in the kitchen making dinner I was laughing so hard, I kept stumbling into the kitchen and falling into him.

“It’s really not that funny,” he said, all disgusted and bothered. “You’re such a child.”

I know! It’s NOT that funny! But there’s something retarded going on in my brain that makes these things the funniest things in the world to me. And while I was laughing, and while Henry was considering pouring a pot of boiling water on me, I realized I forgot something in the message.

“I have to call back,” I informed Henry.

“No, you really don’t,” he sang from the kitchen.

But this time, she answered! I was laughing so hard at this point that I was in danger of sitting in a puddle of urine.

I don’t know why I kept saying “good eve.” But I kept imagining a phonograph playing in the background and I was wearing a velvet gown in the sultry shade of emerald.  Elizabeth was clearly wearing Mother’s girdle.

At least Elizabeth was nice enough to wish me good luck.

  7 Responses to “Prank #2”

  1. ha, this is priceless – do these people figure out that it’s you eventually?

    • When I first started doing this a year ago, none of my friends figured it out until I was all, “WELL???” My brother still didn’t know it was me even after he played me the voicemail.

      The one person I pranked for Blogathon will never know who it came from!

  2. “Elizabeth was clearly wearing Mother’s girdle.”

    I feel like this line needs to be immortalized somehow.

  3. I think it’s a testament to Minnesota nice that I was so focused on the thought that some poor deaf old woman (totally missed the Manuel part) had the wrong number that I kinda missed most of the stuff about goiters and horse poop. I -did- think “what are the odds that the person she meant to call was named Elizabeth too!” Anyway, I was out gardening, swelteringly hot day, covered in mud, but I still made sure I answered the next time so I could tell you that you had the wrong number.

    Further proof that I’m a bit dense? Dawny asked me the night before if I’d gotten any strange calls, so you’d really think I’d have caught on quicker, or…really at all. I didn’t realized it was a prank call till several days later when I offered to play the really weird message I’d gotten, and she cracked up!

    Oh! And the operator was super snarky to me for not knowing how the service worked, and my complete inability to address the caller when I spoke vs. the talking to the operator. I could hear her judging me!

    Nicely played Erin. *salute*

    • This entire comment made my day, Liz! I thought you probably knew and was actually starting to think that maybe you were pissed off. I’m glad you’re not!

      When I called back the second time and you answered, I was seriously slobbering all over myself from laughing so hard. Henry was completely pissed off and kept yelling IT’S NOT THAT FUNNY!


  4. My favorite part was “I feel so foolish!” TOLHURST!

  5. Henry would be disappointed in me too, I find these hysterical.

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