Aug 272022

Back when we first started 1980s’ing our ugly kitchen, I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate an old TV into the theme. We were only casually looking for old TVs though – they’re hard to find now that there are so many DIYs/trends out there for them! But then last month, Henry found TWO on Craigslist for $20!! One is a bigger and will be turned into an end table for the attic space that is literally never going to be finished at this rate, and the other one was just small enough to use in the kitchen, as a placeholder for our Echo. It always bothered me that the Echo was modernizing the kitchen design, so I wanted to use an old TV to camouflage. Especially because it was so common to have these small TVs in kitchens back in the day!

I chose yellow for the color since it was going to be against the corner where a pink wall and blue wall meet. Henry lined the innards with some wallpaper from my Grandma’s clown room – this wallpaper is from the 60s so it was impossible to get the creases out, but I still like it looks with the yellow neon bouncing off of it!

Henry finished it today and I couldn’t be happier! I know my style isn’t for everyone but I love neon so much and this spot just makes me feel so relaxed and calm.

That DIY light fixture is another element of this room that I’m proud of. I know it’s the wrong shape, but it gives me Pogo Ball vibes.

I wonder if Hot Naybor Chris can see the TV from his kitchen window…

If so, you’re welcome, bro.


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