Aug 062010

The last prank I fulfilled was for my friend Bill who wanted me to call the real estate agent he used while looking for a space for his store. It seems that Bill does not think too fondly of her.

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I decided this wasn’t enough, so I called back today.

I hope her husband doesn’t inflict bodily harm to Manuel! It’s bad enough he’s already deaf.

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Then last night at work, I found out that I could have an outgoing message, which an operator will read anytime someone calls my designated relay number. It goes something like this (but if you want to call for yourself, I’ll give you the number):

Hola. You have been reaching Manuel. Sorry that I am cannot hear the phone ring because I am deaf. Leave a message and someone will sign it to me.

Have a bueno cock.

I did this last night at work and then called to hear a male operator stutter as he read it.

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Then I quickly turned into that weird girl who laughs hysterically to herself. I had to bite my hand to stop cracking up.

I would just post my relay number onhere, butyou know. I don’t want any one to abuse it.

Henry is not amused by any of this and is .00005 seconds away from blocking Manuel’s number. :(

  11 Responses to “Prank #3”

  1. Faboo! Thank you, you made my month!!!!

  2. I want this number.

  3. I want to hear it too!!!! So funny.I think this is the best of the pranks. Is she really married? and did you call her real estate office or home?

  4. Oh dear god, that is so totally awesome.

  5. haaaaaaa! this is gold.

  6. Rest assured, that woman is a nightmare of a person, she had it coming. Reading this nearly made me pee my pants, effing hysterical!

  7. My favorite part is, “If you choose to stay, please make sure you return the Redbox movie.” That right there, is comedic genius. :)

  8. Really love the word press layout you are using. I reckon I may well give suffusion a go myself with a different real estate property blog. Thanks for the ideas!

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