Oct 122022

I can’t function right now. It’s like I’m 10 years old again and this is the night before the school picnic at Kennywood. This time tomorrow night (GOD WILLING??) I’ll be waist deep in tears and screams at the NCT127 concert in Newark. Heaven help me. You know I’m in an emotional pickle when I turn into a religioso.

So I spent some time editing several photos I took of Drew last month when I was blowing off the dust on my camera. I don’t have nearly enough nice portraits of Drew and Penelope and I need to change that. (Penelope, you’re up!)

OK, I’m going to watch roller coaster videos or something but in the meantime, please enjoy this recent NCT performance on the J-Hud show! LOL to the people who wanna say that Kpop groups all lip sync, lol, hater hater talk talk.

You guys. Tomorrow. Hold me.

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