Oct 172022

Here are some terrible photos of the mini cakes we scooped up from Vegan Treats last Friday. They got a little roughed up in the car on the drive home but they still tasted delightful.

Semi-related, I was ranting about how I was a fat kid in the 90s because my family stocked the kitchen with so many economy-sized boxes of snacks. You would never go hungry between a meal at the Kelly house: Cookies, Rice Krispie Treats, ice cream, Klondikes, a wide variety of chips, pretzels, what seemed to be a self-replenishing stock of Pizza Rolls, actual vintage pop machines in the garage. We were the Processed Palace.

“It was probably different for you people in the 60s and 70s,” I said to Henry.

“‘You people’…?” he murmured.

“Yeah, you people wanted a snack back then, you had, what? An apple. Ants on a log, maybe.”

Henry, in a sad whisper, “We weren’t PIONEERS…”

Ok fine, and JELLO.

Anyway my point is that I learned the hard way that I can’t eat stuff like cakes everyday, so it’s a good thing Vegan Treats is like, 3 hours away.

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