Oct 302022

Dear Sunday Lovers,

Today, Henry and I spent the day at Cedar Point. It was the last day of the season for them and I was sad when I realized that we only once this year! Anyway, I’ll get to that another time.

The point of this is that CP was lacking in treat department. Everything in the bakery was 50% so there were two long-ass lines out the building. I’m sorry but their baked goods aren’t that good. All the Halloween-themed treats seemed to only be available once the haunt stuff started later in the evening and we wanted to leave by 5 since it’s approx. a 3-hour drive home.

So I suggested that we just get A TREAT outside of the park and screamed THAT ONE RESTAURANT WE LIKE WITH THE PIES! Of course, neither of us could remember the name. I dunno what method Henry was using to find it, but I searched “Cedar Point butterscotch” in my blog and immediately found the post from last May where I had DELECTABLE post-Cedar Point butterscotch pie at a place called Dianna’s (omg I almost put Gianna’s and had to scroll up to check the menu in that picture up there – will we ever remember this damn restaurant’s name??).

Man, I love this place so much. There’s not many veg options on the menu & they definitely cater to the nursing home crowd, but their pies are memorable to the point where the last time we were there, I said it should be our post-park tradition. If only we could remember the damn name.

I just wanted pie but Henry was like I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD ORDER FRIES OR SOMETHING FIRST so then I felt obligated to also order a non-pie but I wasn’t hungry for a meal. I was delighted to see that they had a fruit and cottage cheese combo called the FRESH FRUIT FANTASIA. This appealed greatly to my inner Elder! Sadly, the waitress came back to tell me that they were out of the raisin bread (!!!) it normally comes with and asked if an English Muffin would suffice as a substitute. I said yes and was honestly just relieved that this was the only issue and not that the entire food item had been removed from the menu on account of it no longer being the year 1958.

Meanwhile, Henry ordered a GRILLED CHEESE??!! Have I ever known him to order a GRILLED CHEESE (outside of an insane/gourmet grilled cheese establishment like Melt)?! I think not! This was a shocking turn of events.

My Fantasia was such a gargantuan portion that I had to ask for a box because sorry fruit, I needed to save room for the PIE.

YES SIR. Man, butterscotch is so underrated. I haven’t changed my stance in that this isn’t as good as my mom’s (hers is not pudding-y) but it does make the octogenarian side of my soul sing.

Hopefully Chooch sticks me in a nursing home with good butterscotch pudding. And if they have that pistachio fluff shit like Eat n Park offers on their salad bar, I will happily let that be my last meal.

Henry got a slice of coconut cream pie so we shared both slices. Originally, I tried to take half of his coconut cream and then proceeded to start eating my whole slide, hoping he wouldn’t notice. But he did. :(

Anyway, the day started out with me in a MOOD but ended on a very lovely note.

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