Aug 312010

“I want you to sing,” Chooch said urgently.

Being the monkey that I am,  I threw out some “lalala”s and hoped that would pacify him enough to let me resume child negligence.

“No!” he argued. “I want you to sing while standing on a chair! And a piece of wood!”

I let this sink in for a few seconds before asking him if he meant a stage.

“Yes! I want you to sing on a stage.”

“Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Not ever,” I mumbled.

“Yes it is going to happen!” he fought, voice elevating an octave. A childish volley of ‘No I’m not‘s and ‘Yes you are‘s happened next.

“Why do you want me to sing on a stage?” I asked, always having suspicions when it comes to my kid.

“So I can yell BOOOOO!” he sneered.

What a fucking bully.

  5 Responses to “He also laughs when I get hurt”

  1. AHahhahaaa omg. That’s hilarious. Silly guy. Lol.

  2. Aw, well at least you figured it out before he could yell boo, right?

  3. He plays all tough but if you were really upset he’d console you, that’s why I love Chooch.

  4. Oh man, I’m sorry for laughing but I can’t help it. He reminds me of one of my brothers!

  5. I hope all of my kids are as wonderful as yours! Seriously, that’s awesome.

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