Apr 112023

Good evening, here I am once again, being super fucking annoying and immature! This post is all about what I wore to the NCT Dream for all of my imaginary friends who care! Imagine how excited Henry was when I forced him to take these pictures!

Anyway. Even more so than when I went to see NCT127 last fall, I wanted to adorn my idiot self with NCT flair. This is lowkey nuts for me because I am from the school of “don’t wear the band’s t-shirt to their concert” rule of thumb (LOL, who even cares?!) but here I am needing to enrobe myself in enough merch and accessories for even the most casual Kpop fan to realize, oh, NCTzen coming through.

For instance, I bought these slip-on Vans specifically to use as NCT patch displays.

Obviously,  I had my neobong (lightstick). I can’t believe I was fortunate enough to have TWO OPPORTUNITES to use it in public in the last SIX MTHS!

I painted my nails NCT-lime.

Me looking like a stoop again.

I bought a Renjun shirt specifically to wear that night because he is my NCT Dream bias, and I wore my Haechan pendant that I FORGOT TO BRING WITH ME TO THE NCT127 SHOW LAST OCTOBER, UGH. Haechan is my favorite across all NCT units in general. I also wore my neobong necklace from The Idol Collective <3

This purse is actually NCT127-specific (Cherry Bomb) but these two pins are Renjun and Jaemin from NCT Dream. This was mostly just a prop for these pictures because I actually don’t usually take a purse to concerts because I am just trying to get through security as fast as possible. I bring my phone and wallet. The end.

Definitely wore this clipped to my beltloop all night! It was good for storing the new photocards I collected at the venue, too.

And then here are my NCT Dream scout patches that Henry ruined because he attempted to glue them on instead of ironing at first, and the glue bled through in some spots so now I have to get new ones, thanks Henry.

I wanted to get a headband but the one I really wanted was shipping from like, Indonesia I think, and wouldn’t have arrived in time. I do have a bunch more patches and pins coming this week to add to this jean jacket and then I am going to wear it every time I’m out in public with Chooch because he fucking loves having a mom with Peter Pan syndrome.

It’s funny to me because I might be into a totally different music scene now, but I AM STILL THE SAME PERSON. Remember when I was so obsessed with Jonny Craig, that I had a fucking DOLL MADE IN HIS LIKENESS? Yeah, same person, just into different music since then, lol. Remember when I went to Australia to see The Cure? And then Kpop lured me to Korea? Same fucking obsessive personality, same inner child refusing to adapt to adulthood. I think the only thing that’s changed is that I’m happier, and I think Henry is too.

Didn’t mean to get so introspective in a post about my NCT Dream concert flair (lol) but I have really been thinking about this a lot lately. Music in general has saved me from myself a lot in the past, but this just hits different. And seeing NCT Dream…wow. So cathartic. I keep stalling from actually writing about that night because it’s going to make me cry. That night was completely perfect. BIG FAT SIGH.

Let’s end with an NCT Dream dance practice video, one of my faves! (Speaking of Peter Pan syndrome, my bias Renjun is dressed as Peter Pan lol.)


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