Sep 042010

Drove all the way to Wayne, Michigan today to hang up my bathroom plaque at Warriors 3.

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OK fine – and to hang out with the shop’s proprietors!

Be back later. Peace out, girl scout!

(PS Bill just said Pink Floyd sucks and my left eyeball shot out from the sheer idiocy of that statement.)

  7 Responses to “Crapper For All”

  1. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    So close, yet so far away!

  2. … but it’s Bill so you have factor in the childhood brain damage.

  3. Wayne, Michigan…where in the worldddd is that?! Sounds like a small town, if I’ve never heard of it!

  4. ok, you need to kick that bill squarely in the balls for that comment…half my teen year memories have a soundtrack of pink floyd (or Bone thugs and harmony) in the background

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