May 062008

My brother Corey and I are going to Philly this weekend to see the Cure and of course I’m completely unprepared. He keeps asking me all kinds of questions. Stupid questions, you know? Like:

Q: What time are we leaving?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Where are we staying?

A: I don’t know.

Q: What time does it start?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Where are our seats?

A: On a floor somewhere.

Q: How much money do I need?

A: A lot.

A few things of which I am certain:

  1. I will be playing car DJ and Corey will have absolutely no say whatsoever in song selection. If I choose to listen to Yanni, Corey will snap his fingers and tap his fucking toes.
  2. I will probably end up crying at some point during the show, even though I boldly claimed last week that I’m just not that into the Cure anymore.
  3. I will be eating ridiculous cereal combinations at Cereality the next morning.
  4. I will be home early enough on Mother’s Day in case my son wants to serve me cake and drape diamonds over my wrists.
  5. I’ll be wearing a new Cure t-shirt to work on Monday.

I hope I remember to pack a change of underwear.

  10 Responses to “Sibling Road Trip ’08”

  1. i really hope you have a great time…
    though, i am a bit jelis.

    oh fuck, mother’s day.

  2. holy crapola.
    how have i never heard of this Cereality?!? i’m amazed. i want to open a franchise. in my own kitchen.

  3. Yeah. It’s hard not to sniff during “To Wish Impossible Things.” I cannot wait to know the setlist!!

    • I will try to keep track of the set list but I’m always so distracted!

      I’m excited to see Corey’s reaction, since it will be his first Cure show, not to mention first big concert. I took him to see Sinomatic when he was much younger — they were playing a free show downtown during the summer and he was so excited because he got to meet them afterward, lol. I think he was in fifth or sixth grade then.

    • Is that when you got that Sinomatic CD signed? Oh man, do I have a story for you about Ken. I couldn’t tell it to you when I saw you for obvious reasons.

    • Yes, that was the same time!

      Oooh, email me your story.

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