May 182023

I have had every intention of sitting down and blasting out an update re: Chooch’s random new extracurriculars but as per UJE the work-week has sucked me dry, boy-o. I can’t put my finger on what is different this year but it is…something. And I feel like I am splashing uncontrollably in the deep end and just can’t keep my head up man.

So instead I exercised a bunch tonight which is v. smart since my back has been hurting more lately and also basically all of my body too, and watched coaster vlogs because both things are security blankets for me. WHAT ARE YOURS?

I think I feel disoriented a little? I don’t think it’s depression. Just stress. Work stress. Travel stress. Social stress. Who’s gonna move next door to me stress.

Oh!! One piece of good news is that Chooch had his final knee check-up the other day and doctor cleared him for all activities! So today he rode his bike to school which I do not support because I’m a spastic worrier and riding his bike entails him taking his bike on the T to downtown, and then riding his bike from downtown to Oakland. He is sooooo city and I cannot relate because I was sooooo suburban as a teen.

This was a pointless post really but I have this weird thing where I don’t like going more than a day without writing here?! Why am I like this. Barely tweet. Pretty inconsistent on Insta these days. But the place where I have the sparest audience?? Gotta give it my all!

Oh yeah and please enjoy that old picture up there that I found while scrolling thru old FLICKR albums. It’s from 2014! What was I even doing in 2014?! Not reading whatever book that is.

Say it don't spray it.

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