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In front of the Maul of Fame

I met Erica on LiveJournal sometime in 2004 or 2005. She’s one of the few who kept reading my crap even after I jumped ship and started this here blog, so when she wrote on my Facebook wall a few weeks saying she was going to be visiting from NYC, I was like, “Hells yeah I want to meet!”

Henry can never keep people straight. This is mostly because he’s old, but also because he doesn’t always listen to me when I tell him really important things about my day. It took me saying, “She’s the girl who told me about IP Relay Calling.”

“Oh. Then I hate her,” Henry mumbled.  Without her, there probably would be no Manuel!

Thank god for my life coach, Professional Driver Henry, because he was quick to make sure I realized I wouldn’t really have the time to take her to the places I wanted to, like Oh Yeah! for waffles and ice cream, or to Vanilla Pastry Studio for the best cupcakes in the city. Or, you know, to see Pittsburgh-y things.

My concept of directions are so skewed that I really hadn’t considered how much time would be spent in the car if I attempted to extract her from Monroeville, which is where she was staying. I’m lucky I even made it there on time, considering I was originally going to give myself only 15 minutes until Mapquest told me it would take at least 30.

Anyway, Erica expressed an interest in getting lunch at Eat n Park, so that quelled my tour guide anxiety, because I really had no idea where to go in Monroeville, aside from the mall, that would provide good tourist-y entertainment.

I am infamous for getting all socially awkward when meeting someone new for the first time. I’ve been told in the past that these situations can sometimes even be painful for my friends to witness. But Erica was very chill, and we had nice, casual conversation in between bites of grilled cheese. I was still a little nervous, but I didn’t choke on any chunks of low self-esteem or uncomfortable silence.

Afterward, I took her to meet her family at the mall, famous for being the site of Dawn of the Dead. Of course I had to take her to the zombie museum which is in the back of a collectible toy store.

Those were my big Pittsburgh representatives: a smiley cookie from Eat n Park, and a 2-minute jaunt through a tiny room stuffed with zombie memorabilia.

Don’t ever say I didn’t show you a good time, Erica!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for me to hang out any later since Henry made me get a job. (Kidding – I’m glad I’m working. Just don’t go spreading that around).

I’m so happy that Erica wanted to meet me, after all these years of reading my latest endeavors in being an Asshole and watching videos of me stalking my prey. She really is just as awesome in person as I imagined. She’s fabulous you guys, and one of the best singers ever. You should all go and love her now!

I want her to be on “Glee.”

  10 Responses to “Who’s The Worst Tour Guide”

  1. She would be great on Glee! I didn’t know Dawn of the Dead was filmed there, another one of my fave horror flicks. It’s was nice that you go a chance to meet someone that has been supporting you. If only I knew you back in 2000 when I was in Pittsburgh, I probably would have had a way better time than I did for those 6 weeks, lol!

    • Erica is really amazing. If I had a voice like hers I would never stop singing!

      Aw, I wish we had known each other back then – I was way more social in 2000 and could have entertained you for sure. What had you spending 6 weeks here?

      George Romero and Tom Savini are both from the Pittsburgh area. Night of the Living Dead was filmed around here, too!

  2. Glad to hear that you all had a good time. It can be weird meeting someone for the first time.

    • First meetings can be really terrible! I’ve had my fair share of nightmarish first-encounters. I’m glad this one went well (at least it seemed like it did on my end! She might be telling a completely different tale!).

      • oh yea totally, im walkin around like “MY GODDDD THAT MEETING! I COULDNT EAT THAT GRILLED CHEESE FAST ENOUGH!”
        Pssshhh girl that was fun. Wish we could’ve hung out more!

  3. I’m glad you finally got to meet up with your friend. It can be strange or awkward when meeting in person for the first time someone you’ve known for so long. I know how that can be, and that’s great you had such a nice time together!

    Btw, stopping by from Mom Loop Friday Follow! :)

  4. I think any friendship that can boast a trip to the Dawn of the Dead set is one to treasure ! Sounds like a highly quirky yet chill day. Fun post as always!

  5. I had a great time meeting you and am so glad I got to! I’ve been an avid reader and huge fan of your blogs for FOREVER so it was like meeting an internet celebrity for me! ;-) Thanks for everything! Including this WAY too nice post, I feel so honored!! Never in the 6 years I’ve been following you did I dream that one day there’d be a post about me! Awesome! :)

    • Aw, you’re so sweet Erica! I’m no Internet celeb; just a regular lady with hair turning gray from her crazy-ass kid! I always worry that people will be let down because I’m kind of boring. I’m so glad you made some time for me during your trip, I’M the one who feels honored! :)

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