Jun 142023

Jesus Christ, that’s a wrap on junior year! I had been driving Chooch and his pal Zakk to school every day since Chooch busted his knee in February and then once he healed, I was somehow LOCKED IN to this stupid mom-Uber role. I am really looking forward to shutting off my 6AM alarm for the summer, boy-o!

Anyway, check out this kid, man! It’s so crazy to look at the comparisons from first day to last.

He thought he was going to get away with NO PHOTO because there were actual sheets of rain falling from the sky this morning, but come on, sir. Pics or it didn’t happen etc etc blah blah blah.

This was a whirlwind year. He did his Mexican homestay thang, maintained his 4.0, worked at Dunkin’, busted his knee, joined a secret sailing club, hated/loved reading 1984 in English, became obsessed with debating, chose The Cure for a “greatest band of all time” video argument he had to make (after first choosing Imagjne Dragons for literally no reason), acted like he hated his English class yet somehow this was the ONLY class he obsessively talked about all year, and continued to grow taller than us.

I’m proud of this big lug! Sure he can be frustrating AF with his monotone retorts of “mm cool” and “but did I ask,” but he is a good kid and I’m excited for him to probably not wake up early enough at all this summer in order to have Summer Breakfast Club like the old days. WE WILL SEE.

Anyway, time to start panicking about senior year!

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