Jul 162023

I forgot that we went to Kennywood after work two weeks ago, with Chooch this time. We were only there from 6pm-8:30ish so there is not much to report on, but I did take some pictures since it was our first trip of the season as a WHOLE FAMILY. Wow, so sentimental. Cry about it.

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid as many words as possible, but I do want to mention that we split up on the Racer. Henry and I had the back row on one train, and Chooch had the back row on the other one. Because the ops for the Racer are hopelessly slow, we had enough time chilling in the station for the two girls in front of Chooch to turn around and start chatting him up. The one who was doing the most talking was the one named KYLIE but I want to believe that her name is spelled KILEY because KILEY + RILEY.

Henry was trying to get me to stop ogling but I couldn’t, because I love observing how Chooch converses with people who were not responsible for giving him life. It’s always a good reminder that he is….HUMAN.

But yeah, that girl was totally cute and made a big production of saying goodbye to him AFTER THEIR TRAIN LOST. OURS WON, MOTHERFUCKER.

The pizza place got a glow-up!

The pizzas still mostly taste the same but now they’re “french bread” shaped and, according to Henry, cost more. My one complaint was that they were too saucey. Chooch actually agreed with me.

Also, before we ate, I made damn sure that I ran to the restroom to wash my hands real good because in a fit of delusion, I slapped some guy’s hand while I was in line for the Jack Rabbit, as his train rolled past us through the station. WHAT WAS I THINKING. DID COVID TEACH ME NOTHING?? I practically kept that hand in my pocket until I was able to wash it, don’t worry.

(Show me a park that still keeps their hand sanitizers filled. Honestly.)

Here’s Henry coming off of his favorite ride at the park.

You can’t tell because Henry takes the worst pictures, but Chooch and I are in the back row of Thunderbolt. I don’t think I ride this at all last season!?!? I could be wrong.

Waiting for our most favorite ride, Phantom’s Revenge. <3

Henry successfully blocking BOTH Chooch and me. Also, his expression never changes even on roller coasters?!?

This was probably the longest line we stood in and it wasn’t worth it. Bring back the Enterprise. Also, this was my first time seeing in real life….I don’t know how to explain them. But like, young trashy Kardashian-esque influencers?!?! One had really terrible lip fillers. I was scared. It was wild, that’s for sure.

Both Henry and Chooch jumped out of the frame. Wow, cool.

I love the Musik Express so much. “You’re not even trying to hold yourself back!!” Henry cried at one point – like, no shit? I wasn’t trying to pretend like I was?!

On our way to get one last beverage refill before heading out.

And that concludes our second trip to Kennywood of the 2023 season. Perhaps someday we will have time to spend a full day there!

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