Jul 20

A random Thursday off in July

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I had the day off last Thursday so Chooch and I met Kara downtown at Sally Ann’s for breakfast. First of all, you know Chooch must really like you if he is willing to get up before 7am on a rando summer day and then take the T downtown because his MOTHER doesn’t want to bother with parking. And by “you,” I don’t mean “me.” I mean very specifically: “Kara.”

This was only the second time I have taken the T since the pandemic and it was not great. I was hoping it wouldn’t be crowded since we caught the one that came right before 7:30, but I was WRONG. Chooch and I got seats at least, just not together.

Anyway, we arrived pretty much the same as Kara, who we saw emerging from a nearby parking garage.

“Wow,” Chooch muttered. “SHE drove here. You made it sound like it was virtually impossible.”


We were the first breakfast customers so we had endless seating options, and let me tell you, this place is an IG influencer’s dream when it comes to vibes or whatever the fuck. I thought the booths in the back looked cute and secluded, almost like you were walking along a dock, I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But then we quickly realized that each booth was set up with a TV and a vintage gaming console, so we moved FOUR TIMES in order to get one that had OG Nintendo and two controllers.

Then Kara immediately schooled Chooch on how to play the golf game correctly. (If you ask Chooch, he was playing it perfectly because he created the game and knows everything, so.)

Our waitress, some tiny 20-something who came springing out of thin air and scared the shit out of us with her extremely animated exuberance, arrived to scream rainbows and disco balls into our faces while somehow simultaneously asking for our drink orders. It was…a lot. She was…too much. Like her preferred mode of transportation was pogo-sticking from cloud to cloud in Camelot with the Care Bears.

I could tell Kara was not a fan. And that was even before she playfully slapped Kara’s shoulder and called her BABE.

My favorite part was when our waitress (I can’t remember her name, but she seemed like a Madison or Piper or Brandeeee) said that she hadn’t had any caffeine yet that morning?!!? Even Chooch pulled himself away from his video games long enough to question, “What is this broad’s deal? Are you noticing this too?”

Some kind of fancy millennial toast thing that was actually very delicious but I will always be confused about “designer” toast and how much it costs. Kara got avocado toast and it was on some THICC BOI bread. Chooch got the veganified Sally Ann’s breakfast plate thing and said it was good but apparently there is no vegan butter option so they gave him dry ass toast with jam, and I just found out that day that Chooch HATES JAM/JELLY on toast.

Actually, I think I might have known that and just forgot. But now I’m having crippling flashbacks of a heated discussion about this several years ago, where I was left feeling super disgusted by his choices.

I wanted to stay downtown for a bit (even though it’s a garbage dump down there now) after we parted ways with Kara but Chooch was like, “I HAVE SHIT TO DO” so we had to immediately catch a T back home. :(

(His “shit to do” was “computer games” with his dumb friends. We *did* go to South Park courts later that afternoon to play tennis though and it was one of the best tennis’ing we’ve done so far!)

Oh!! I almost forgot, but Kara got me NCT and SHINee pins from a Kpop store in LA!

And I finished a book that day too. I can’t remember which one it was but I know I liked it?? Was it Happy Place, maybe?? Ugh my mind is like a fucking prune these days. Boo.

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