Aug 022023

Ugh, I had some July Wrap-Up Thangs that I wanted to cover before we leave tomorrow but I am feeling so chaotic in my brain today and it’s a wonder I even managed to get through the work day. I will be excited once we get there, but right now all I can hear is the blood rushing in my ears because I am so stressed. I guess that’s how we know there is a tiny bit of “adult” in me after all?

One of the things I wanted to talk about was meeting our new Australian manager (Sarah) who was in Pgh last week and this week. Wendy asked me to come into the office last Thursday to “meet her” but it was actually just a ploy to get me in there to actually do a casual presentation of the party of the process I’m involved in (big snore to everyone reading this, I know – no one wants to read about actual work stuff!) but honestly, it ended up being amazing. I met her immediately when I arrived (early, because I had to be in the conference room at 9am!) and we started bantering with each other like we’ve been old work pals for years.

Then we went to happy hour at McCormick/Schmicks after work and I know I say this every time since the pandemic, but holy shit, I appreciate my work people. So many of them are legit friends and it’s always a pleasure to see them in person! It’s been especially great getting to know Wendi-with-an-i, who was hired during the pandemic and has been an amazing addition to our motely crew!

However, I had three glasses of wine on a mostly-empty stomach and whoa nelly, I felt that shit later that night. I started to pass out while laying prone on the living room floor and Henry had to yell for me to get up lol. Then the next morning, I had a 7:30am appointment to do the wellness screening thing so needless to say, I was burping up regertz the whole way there.

Anyway! Sarah is actually leaving to go back to Australia tomorrow so I was like MAYBE WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AT THE AIRPORT????

Right now, my mom and Henry’s mom are here to go to the church carnival with Chooch and his friend Zakk (of the Driving to School Everyday days) (that made no sense; my brain is..ow). Chooch had to HUG BOTH OF THEM and looked like he wanted to evaporate. Then Judy asked, “Hey, how’s Jen?”

“Janna,” Henry corrected while I stood there smiling, not offering any help because I love these exchanges.

“Yeah, Janet,” Judy said with a nod.

“JANNA,” Henry huffed.

Judy shrugged and said, “Jen, Jen” like it was some sort of tomato/tomahto situation??

Well, I guess that is all I have for now. I have to walk/run to CVS now to get some last minute things and then, I don’t know, hit myself with a frying pan. Piss out.


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