Oct 032010

I really do live for fucking with Marcy. Deep down, she loves it. Just like Henry does, too.

  5 Responses to “Alf & Marcy Cuddle Time”


  2. I just had to see the picture when I saw the word Alf. Too funny…Oh how i miss that show…

    • Me too! Chooch took Alf in for show and tell (they do it alphabetically, so Alf was his pick for ‘A’). I was like, “Dude, NO ONE in your class is going to know who he is. YOU don’t even know who he is!” Lol.

  3. One day you are going to come home and the cats will be gone and Alf will be sitting there with a smirky grin in his plushy self.

    That’s rad. We mess with our dog constantly.

    • And it’s almost like Marcy knew that too, because she seemed more agitated than usual when I placed him next to her!

      Harmless pet-fuckery is so awesome. It reminds them how much we love them!

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