Sep 142023

Chooch actually let me play tennis with him and two of his friends tonight and it was so much but also exhausting so by the time I came home, all I wanted to do was eat popcorn and rot my brain with YouTube. So instead of part 2 of whatever my last trip recap was, here is Airtime Thrills’ video from the same day. We had managed to evade being caught on film but there is a moment where you can see Henry and me riding Juvelen though.

I’m so glad that there were YouTubers on this trip because it’s so much fun to have these videographic keepsakes of our days at each park, even though it was annoying at times trying to duck out of frame, but it’s also so cool to see all of the people who became our coaster family.

In tennis news, Chooch and I are demo’ing three rackets from Tennis Warehouse. In a plot twist, I actually don’t love the Prince one I chose but feel like I’m imprinting on the random Lacoste one that Chooch selected?! I didn’t even know Lacoste did tennis rackets…did I? Of course Chooch has gravitated toward the $300 Babolat one of his dreams and Henry told him he better get a jobolat. I think he’s maxed out his dad joke opportunities for the year with that one. Quota met.

Chooch’s friend’s gf was on my team and she was super delightful. I was scared because sometimes teen girls are intimidating and I always forget how old I actually am but they see my age STAT I feel like. Anyway, when I told her that I used to play in high school but only just starting playing again in June, she was SHOOK. “Omg I wouldn’t have guessed – you are SO GOOD!”

And just like that, Erin made a new BFF.

She also said that Chooch is always so sweet though so I’m questioning her opinion now.

Anyway, having a racket that isn’t one that cost $25 from Dick’s really makes a huge difference, in case you were wondering why playing with a toy racket isn’t helping you reach your full potential.

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