Oct 102010

Chooch was taking a bath after a long day of running amok in the park and pigging out on pie. I was trying to coax him into speeding it up because I had a headache from maybe drinking too much wine and possibly eating too much pie.

“Hurry up, I want to go lay down,” I said.

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“Just go lay down then. I’m not done playing in here,” Chooch countered.

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“What kind of mother would I be if I just left you in the bath tub with no supervision?

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With no hesitation, Chooch answered, “A mother without a headache.”

Touché, young one.

  7 Responses to “Chooch’s Logical Reasoning”

  1. Genius. Evil genius but one none the less LOL

  2. …how the hell? I don’t even come up with witty retorts that quickly! Especially not while being intimate with Mr. Bubble.

    The force is strong in that one. Well done, Mom :)

  3. LOL…..he’s so smart and funny :)

  4. LOL thts funny ! :)
    Love what ur selling @ etsy
    Found u @ my blog hop … thxs for adding urself
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  5. That kid of yours is great!

  6. He could give my niece a fun for her money and she is 9. Hell, he could run over the top of me with that shit!

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