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Recently someone was like, “You know, Erin, your blog is like, all about you.” That must get annoying. So today, let’s make it all about YOU.

  Tell me something about yourself!

It could be anything – your favorite band, food that gives you hives, where you hid that body in ’99. It’s fun to learn about who reads this, and I’ve met some really awesome people this way (one who even lives in the same ‘hood as me!

). So don’t be shy. Even if you see me everyday, even if we’ve been playing in the Internet sandbox together since 2004, and especially if you’ve never commented here before, you should totally play along. I want to know you! There might even be a random prize*. You never know.

So tell me something about yourself, or get the fuck out! (Kidding! God.)

* Seriously, I might be giving  something away to a random commenter so leave an email address!

  51 Responses to “Roll Call”

  1. Nothing against the person who said that, but I creep your blog because you and your stories are interesting and entertaining. That’s the beauty of the internets.

    …do I win a cookie?

  2. I’ve been reading your blog ever since I found your serial killer Xmas cards last year!

    Ok fact about me: I won’t eat any green foods. And I for real listen to Kenny G when I’m studying.

  3. hmmmm….I’m an aries…and I hid that body in the old abandoned mine down the street from my house…. :D

    actually, my secret is that I have a thing for 80’s music…INXS, Poison, my favorite all time song is 99 luftballoons by Nina (the german version)

  4. I started crushing on you when I read The Goldbricker and…I wanna call it That fucking denim jacket, but I can’t be totally sure since it’s not in your shop anymore (POOOOOOR QUÉ?). I knew I’d found a fellow weird-on-the-inside comrade in arms.

    My name is Octavia, but everyone calls me Tavi (like Rikki Tikki). I’m from Romania, and I’m named after three great conquerors from history.

    Also I put eggnog in my coffee. All year long.

    • I still remember when you sent me that convo, I was so excited! It’s been cool getting to know you via Facebook since then.

      I had no idea you’re from Romania though! Did you know I am OBSESSED with Romania? It’s #1 on my “places to visit” list. So tell me more about that – when did you move to the States? Do you have an accent? I am even more obsessed with you now. I might even keep my hair brunette.

      P.S. Apparently half my shop was expired – thanks for the heads up! I went back and renewed everything.

      • I did not know this! You might not want me to be the one describing it for you, lol. In my opinion it’s beautiful, but is exactly a third-world country. I started coming stateside yearly for school (read: the soul-crushing Catholic boarding school Pink Floyd partially wrote The Wall about) when I was about 10 or so. (I think? I’ve never been good at keeping years apart and use boyfriends and houses as time markers)

        I sort of have an accent. I say this because I developed the best non-regional American accent ever and used it so much as a kid (because I was sooooo cool at home for going to school in New York. Also–before the kids at school began instinctively flinching whenever I spoke and AFTER they found out that I was living in Transylvania at the time and am Romani and briefly called me Tranny Gypo the Hippo [the first two I get, but I think hippo was just for the rhyme since I was the skinniest kid in the universe which, in my opinion, robs the insult of any credibility]–I like every other insecure (retarded) girl, wanted to fit in as much as possible. Holy jesus…is this still the parenthesis? IT IS! toot-toot! Tangent!) that I use it without even thinking about it now. I still can’t not roll some r’s though, which gives me away. (I suck as a spy)

        P.S. Hooray! I was worried about the limited inventory :(

  5. so things about me….my favorite band is motion city soundtrack…or gogol bordello(yes they are polar opposites but i love them both equally) I have seen MCS in 4 separate states because I am cool like that

    one time when I was like 7 I ate a whole box(like the over a pound box) of sour patch kids…it ate a hole in my mouth that made me unable to eat for quite a few days.

    when I am not in a relationship it’s like a fucking creeper parade *see also, Guy who got tazed at a party for standing behind me staring at the back of my head, weird super tall Asian guy who kept dragging his hand along my butt crack, guy who pretended to console me about current problem then asked if he could give me a facial, guy who meowed at me and then nuzzled on my shoulder/chest and fell asleep purring….oh christ the list could go on and on

  6. My name is also Erin and I hated it growing up. All of my friends had names that were nickname-able: Catherine, Kathleen, Michelle, Nicole… But no way to shorten Erin! My friend tried ‘Rin but that sounds awful and Rinny is even worse. By college I was just E, which isn’t too bad, but ANYONE can be a first letter!

    Eventually I grew out of that phase and now I like my name… no kid nickname to drop! Take that, Katies and Nikkis of the world!

  7. You already know about me, since you comment on my blog once in a while. So hm, what more can I tell you? Okay, how about this. I’m probably your oldest reader, at age 51. I am (this must be sung to the tune of that old Beach Boys song), “the little old lady from past Wadena.”

  8. I feel like I haven’t done anything interesting since I quit my job in 2002 to move back to Pittsburgh and try to write full time (clearly that went nowhere) because since I quit my job in 2002, I haven’t had any money, and the things I seem to find interesting all require mad cash.

    Although I guess I’ve had a few interesting bad dates more recently than that, but even those stopped in 2005 or so.

    Basically, everything since 2006 just sort of runs together. That’s good for my blood pressure but bad for making interesting stories.

    • What was the job you quit in 2002?

      I know what you mean – it’s a freakin’ catch 22. It’s so hard to make money with any sort of creative/artistic gig so then you wind up selling out and getting a job to pay the bills, and then since you now have to go to WORK, you have no time to focus on the creative stuff. It’s cruel.

      • I worked in software design in DC – I was a project manager. I was all, I’m selling my soul to the devil, but in retrospect I had the coolest job ever.

  9. I had a hermit crab named Jr when I was six. One day he pinched the crap out of my hand and wouldn’t let go no matter what my frantic mom did. Not sure what happened to him after that. I love you!

  10. I’d much rather talk about someone other than me, because I’m old and lame. I used to be a hell of a lot more fun but then I drank, smoked and screwed my way out of college fifteen years ago. And since then, I’ve worked shitty paying jobs while people tell me I should go back to school. They’re right, but I’m a lazy dick. So now, I fritter away my time watching, playing and writing about hockey.

  11. I love you blog entries! So something about me… i used to lead a more exciting life but then I had kids and now I am like an old married lady who stays home. Also, I have know Erin since high school when we had Mr Sharkey’s class together (I think my senior year) but I also think we knew each other before then. I hated most of high school but have fond memories of that class!

    • Haha, I remember that class! We had Algebra II together too, didn’t we? With Vota, I think? God, high school was way too long ago:(

      Anyway, I think it’s really cool that you read my blog! Thank you!

      • I think we did have Alg 2 together but I have no memory of who is was… Maybe Check???? I love your blogs and will continue to read them! And Chooch in a fedora was so cute!

  12. I’m a Hungarian and Romanian chick who lives in Long Island. I think I’m the youngest person who reads this blog (I just turned fourteen).
    One day I searched the query “is Jonny Craig an Asshole?”, and boy am I glad I did that or I wouldn’t have found this blog. I love reading your words on any topic, though I rarely comment.

    • I’m so glad you told me this! I was wondering where you came from – that’s funny that it was all thanks to Jonny Craig. Ew, I was so angry when I wrote that! But I’m a hypocrite and still listen to his music though (and admittedly squealed when I heard he’s doing another Dance Gavin Dance album!!!!!!!)

      And I never would have guessed you’re that young. You’re very mature-sounding in your comments! I am super glad you continued to read my stuff and I look forward to getting to know you more. So keep chiming in! :)

  13. Something interesting about me…let’s see…ok, so I went to Vegas my senior year of college and went to see Wayne Newton (front row, heck yeah!), and I got so drunk before the show that I shouted for his attention during the concert, so he stopped asked “who was that?” (I, of course, having nothing intelligent to say other than “whoo!”), and he sent a bottle of champagne to our table saying we were going home with him later. We didn’t, but I stole the glass that came with the champagne and of course, enjoyed the free beverage…

    I’m dying to do the same at a Manilow show…

    • OMG that is fantastic! Did he sing that “Daddy don’t you walk so fast” song? He sang that on an episode of Vega$ and I’ve been obsessed with it since I saw it! (FX used to syndicate Vega$, god I loved that show.)

      This is such an awesome story, thank you for telling me!

  14. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a mime? One of my first jobs as a teenager was as a mime. I made $10 an hour which was HUGE for 1989. I even did my exboyfriend once while in full white face. Eric has declined that honor though.

    And speaking of being a mime, I’m completely jealous of one of Eric’s cousins. He studied at Marcel Marceau’s school in France. He’s also really cute too so if I weren’t with Eric I’d probably be humping his cousin’s leg.

  15. I started following you on LiveJournal several years back and I have no idea what prompted me to add you. I went back and looked and I thought, perhaps, we had some of the same interests or mutual “friends” — wrong. I do remember cracking up over your the cat blogs — maybe that’s what did it for me.
    Anyway, I haven’t posted anything on LiveJournal or any blog in over a year because ever since June 2008 I’ve been the only reporter for a weekly newspaper in Northern, Kentucky. I write at least four stories a week and by the time I get home every day, the last thing I want to write about is how I sat at a desk and wrote stories all day long. Journalism has sucked all of the fun out of pleasure writing for me, but I still adore my job. That’s my interesting story.

    • You gotta love live journal. I just recently met up with an old LJ friend and I thought for sure I knew how we met on there, but she was like, “No seriously, I promise you I wasn’t in any Sporky Review community” so now I have no idea, lol.

      Maybe we had a mutual friend in the beginning. I feel like I might have met you when someone was doing one of those “add me” parties or something?

      That’s awesome that you love your job! What’s been your favorite story for the paper so far?

  16. I wish I wasn’t so retarded about deleting my blog posts and stuff. I don’t even know why I do it except I think I will start a newer better more interesting one and so I have to have a clean slate.But I think it’s just lame and I shall stop doing that now. When I first began estalking you I liked how honest and blunt you are. Also the fact that you pretty much SAVE EVERYTHING important to you. You still have all your live journal postings and pictures of people you have met on the internet etc. your just way WAY interesting and I don’t know a lot of interesting people irl. okay this isn’t supposed to be about you, but I’m a rebel like that so I did it anyway. Now about me. I used to really really hate people all the time and now I only do a little bit and not all the time. I love coming up with story ideas but never really follow through with finishing the story. And I once kissed a girl, more than once. It was before I met my husband and he said I tried to be gay but was no good at it. I love you and your blog.

    • Please start blogging again! I was sad when I saw you got rid of your posts, but I can understand it. There are times when I want to wipe this all out and start fresh.

      Thank you for telling me some stuff about yourself! I’ve been thinking about emailing you all week. I’m going to do that tonight.

  17. I don’t have anything interesting to say right now because I just got back from traveling with a 5-year-old and a baby and that sucked all the life out of me. But I adore you, and I’m pretty sure you have read enough of my TMI LJ to be bored with my stories by now.

  18. Man, trying to think of something entertaining to tell you is turning out to be tougher than I thought. So I’ll start small: I am the proud owner of a small silver nugget that was retrieved from the “Nuestra Senora de Atocha,” a Spanish galleon ship that sank near Key West during a hurricane on September 6, 1622!

    • My favorite part was that I could hear you behind me whispering, “No, that’s stupid.” I think this is an awesome fact! And you’ve inspired me to go read up on the ship wreck because I had never heard of it until now.

  19. Oh gosh. You’ve been on my journal forever. I was thrilled when you friended me on my new one..thanks for that by the way!

    What don’t you know about me?? Gosh. I broke my foot when I was a sophomore in high school. How? I was cool and in the passenger seat with my feet hanging out the window when WHAM. The idiot driving barreled thru a stop sign and my foot slammed against it.

    And..this one probably isn’t a shocker but since my fam was just talking about it I’ll share. When my grammy lived on the Lake of the Ozarks everyone would go fishing for big mouth bass. They would leave the fish on the tie thingy in the water so they could have a fish fry in the morning. I would sneak down to the lake in the early hours of the morning and release them! ~laughs~ It was dark and scary…but I felt bad for the poor fishies. They caught on…and started cleaning the fish that nite.

    Keep writing those chooch stories!

  20. I used to pretend I was a gremlin (the kind from that great 80’s movie) when I was a child, and spoke with a “growly” voice. I never did cross the wires on an old lady’s stair chair-lift, although kind of wish I had.

    I broke up with a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, because he was too clingy.

    I enjoy buying and reading books from the “classics” shelf at Barnes and Noble, because it makes me feel superior and haughty.

    I don’t kill spiders, because I think it’s bad luck.

    I watch Gossip Girl, and I like it.

    I love reading your blog, even if I don’t comment all the time.

  21. Ok. I am sure you are looking for something personal here but I am having lasik tomorrow. It’s all I can think about and I am a little, ok alot, freaked out. Since this is a sticky post maybe I’ll tell you something else later. Love your blog Erin!

  22. Hi Erin, this blog always has something fun going on. If your blog was a party, I’d be there. Something about me…hmmm, I was a wild child growing up but I finally caved to being ordinary for the sake of the hubby and kids. Oh, the word “mom” is starting to drive me nuts! I think we should change it to childcatcher, snot wiper, human juggler.

  23. I’m cold at 69 degrees and hot at 75 degrees. There you go :) That just came to mind because the heat isn’t working right and I’m freezing here.

    Dagmar’s momsense

  24. Well, I am Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas this is my first comment on your blog; coming in from Friday Follow on BlogFrog.

    And I LOATHE all white creamy foods. Yuck! Alfredo, Mayo, Sour Cream. EWWW!

    And yes I am aware of the thoughts that come to peoples mind when I say that….

  25. Love the comments- on the Erin jokes each year: My last name is Abbott. Do you have any idea how many “Hey Abbott!”s I’ve heard over my lifetime. Soooo fucking original. Your blog cracks me up each time because it is a break from many I saw when first BlogFrogging that are filled w/crafts (which I suck at) and tips for homeschooling (which would drive me to an asylum). You tell the best stories, with great delivery!
    Let’s see… something diff about me? I spent so many years being the sensible/responsible one in the family that many close to me are shocked to see this WASPy mom drives a ducati. For some reason, they would be less shocked if it were a Harley (not sure why?)– but I need me some sexy Italian bike action.

  26. I’m Angela, and I found your blog because you found mine first :)
    I’ve never been good at these “tell me a bit about yourself things”, but here goes anyway.
    I’m a nanny, and I live in downtown Calgary, AB with my boyfriend. I’ve got two guinea pigs (named Piglet and Oreo). I’m obsessed with coffee and cupcakes, which are the best combination ever. I should probably open up a cupcakery/coffee shop.

  27. Something about me? I’ve been following Erin’s blogging endeavors since about 2001! :)

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