Dec 182023

Hello there is no point to this blog post.

This week is off to a weird start. I’m glad it’s a short one and I’m excited to spend time with my family during this long weekend.  It randomly (I mean, it felt like it to me because I wasn’t FOLLOWING THE WEATHER) started snowing today and I’ll tell you, when the house is decorated for Christmas and marginally clean, it definitely makes me hate snow a little less and I allow myself to lean into the coziness. I just want the theme of the long Christmas weekend to be FUCKIN’ COZY.

I was thinking earlier about how this time of year seems extra weird and disorienting because we didn’t go away during Thanksgiving weekend which is something that I really look forward to so I declared that we should just always go to Dollywood for that weekend, it can be a tradition. Henry was like THATS FINE but then Chooch came home and when I asked him he first said yes but then he backtracked and said, “wait I’ll be 18 next year I’m not going to Dollywood with you” WOWOWOWOWOW. Henry called it. :(

And now, apropos of nothing, a grilled cheese close-up:

I ate this grilled cheese at Frank & Shirley’s with Bill, Jessi, and Chooch and also taught Jessi the correct way to eat it: dunked into a pool of Ketchup. It is the only way!

Also, I got my grilled cheese on rye, which inspired Bill to change the bread on his sandwich also to rye and you know, what can I say? I’m just a walking, talking sack of peer pressure.

Anyway, I almost didn’t get the grilled cheese because this was several hours before Chingumas and Henry was supposed to be dishing out some mini grilled kimcheeses for the party people but THEN HE FORGOT TO MAKE THEM so I guess it’s a good thing that I ordered grilled cheese after all. Idiot.

This is Penelope’s favorite corner. She has a bunch of COZY beds under the church pew and that is where you can find her most of the day. Look at her, she’s like, “let me show you allllll around my houssssse.”

I’ve been awake since around 4:30am because Idiot Henry’s alarm woke me up because he’s so inconsiderate and then I started to fall back asleep around 5am but then Chooch woke up and started getting ready for school and then slammed the front door repeatedly because he kept leaving and coming back?! I have no idea what is going on anymore, but he apparently has been leaving extra early for school because he “feels like it” and when he leaves early, he can take the T instead of the bus, so he gets to Oakland super early, eats breakfast at Dunkin’ and then goes to Pitt Towers and sleeps on a couch.

Are we sure he’s not already in college? It feels like he might be in college.

Well, on that note, I’m stupid tired and have nothing else to say. Time for me to crash.

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