Dec 222023

The last thing on our Tallinn agenda was leaving Old Town and figuring out what bus to get on to take us to some random city park that had some kiddy rides, including a coaster.


When you’re a coaster thoosie, and you go out of your way to ride some janky one-off coaster, usually located in a family entertainment center or, you know, a zoo, it’s called “getting a plus one.”

Don’t say I never teach you a thing or three!

Anyway, Chooch didn’t find out that Tallinn had this baby coaster until we were already on the trip and he was looking at some coaster directory. I had been hounding Chooch to give me some things that he wanted to do so it wasn’t all me me me me because that’s what I hear about ALL THE TIME post-trips, how we only did what ERIN wanted to do and you know what? Become a fucking Queen like me and then you as well can do everything you want to do! UGH! GOD!!!

I guess figuring out the bus was OK. We bought bus passes from a store, I think? And we JUST made the bus that we needed to catch. Chooch was responsible for figuring out this portion of the day. I was just along for the ride, literally. Sometimes I think about how dependent I am on him and Henry and I realize that holy shit, could I even survive on my own? I would be crying in my hotel room the entire time and that’s assuming I was even able to catch my flight in the first place.

According to the time stamps on photos, we were on the bus at 6:47pm and Chooch’s ass was securely in the seat of this dumb coaster at 7:08pm.

The ride operator was like, “Wow, you sure about this pal?” I mean, not in so many words.

He wanted this to be his senior picture.

But yeah, the rest of the “park” was um, yeah. It just…was. Basically an extremely run-down carnival that you might see in a church parking lot, after it’s been left to rust and rot for a handful of years. But, he got that credit!

The actual city park it was in was very pretty though. Kadrioru Park, in case you want to go there and also scoop up that +1. I mean, this might be a credit that only Chooch (and one other guy, but only because Chooch gave him the heads up the next day) got out of everyone on our trip?? This park was apparently established by Peter the Great!

I thought it was really beautiful, worth going out of our way for that damn credit.

We stopped at a convenience store before embarking on our journey back to the ferry terminal (we opted to walk because it wasn’t too far / we had time to kill / walking is the best way to see a new city) and got some popsicles and candy. I wish I could go back in time and buy more bags of the candy I chose because it was so fucking good. Of course I can’t remember what the fuck it was, either.

These fucking dolls.

I asked Henry what he liked about Tallinn and he said, “I liked the Dave Matthews bar.”

Wow, Dave Matthews, really? Mm.

Then I asked him if he’d go back (after I ridiculed him saying Dave Matthews instead of Depeche Mode) and he said, “Yeah” with no hesitation so that’s cool I guess because I never can tell if he’s actually having fun when we’re on vacation, lol.

The worst part of the day honestly was the ferry ride back. It was SO LATE at that point (I think our ferry left sometime after 10PM and it was well after midnight when we got back to Helsinki, and definitely after 1AM by the time we took a bus and street car back to our room. REALLY wish we had just stayed overnight in Tallinn! But, we had to get an early start the next day, our last full day, because we were doing a day trip to Tampere. But, you know, more on that later.

Well, I’ll end this Estonian

chapter with a video compilation from the day (one of the clips is sideways and I cannot fucking fix it no matter what, even though it’s not saved like that in my phone, and I only recorded that for the guys singing/yelling so I guess it doesn’t even really matter, and also LOL that those guys have gotten off the ferry with cases of alcohol, as I mentioned is a thing in my last post!

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