Oct 262010

I’m on another Pierce the Veil kick. This happens often and now you must suffer along with me. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t overplayed their new album by now (though I’m sure every time Henry gets in the car, he thinks, “Goddamn haven’t we listened to this album enough already?”). I just don’t think these guys get enough credit. Especially not from a lyrical standpoint. A lot of people can’t get behind Vic’s voice, but that’s one of the things I love so much about this band – they sound like no other.  (Plus, I like boys who sing like girls yet can still fucking scream.)

This is my favorite song off Selfish Machines and I really hope they make a video for it. In Alternative Press’s track-by-track breakdown of the album, Vic said a fan approached him and said that her boyfriend had died in a car accident, and that it had been at one of their shows where he held her hand for the first time. This song was meant to be from the boyfriend’s point of view and it kills me every time I hear it.

Listening to them today has provided a nice bit of catharsis after last night’s volatile post. I haven’t even re-read it so I can only imagine it’s obscenity- and typo-laden. Thank you for making me feel calmer today, Pierce the Veil.  I might die if I don’t get to see you again soon.

Say it don't spray it.

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