Oct 312010

On his own accord, Chooch is eating apples (while taking in an early Sunday viewing of Halloween II) as a prelude to the pillow-sack he’s about to fill with snazzily-wrapped partially hydrogenated thunder-thigh oil, high fructose double-chin syrup, and all the sweet seductive promises of childhood obesity.

I’m hoping he doesn’t get any Whoppers; talk about the party foul of trick-or-treating. Well, that and getting hit by a car.

I think I’ve effectively convinced him to eschew his HORRIBLE Ben 10 costume (can’t take all the credit – I’m pretty sure the fact that 3/4 quarters of his school turned into undulating question marks when they saw his lame costume might have had something to do with it). We are going to attempt to turn him into a zombie clown, since we already have the wig, nose and bow-tie from one of my pathetic photo shoots with ex-Christina. I am trying very hard not to be an over-bearing Halloween pageant mom like my mom was to me. At least I haven’t tried to put him in a box yet.

Henry and I have about 4 hours to learn how not to suck at applying costume makeup. Wish us luck.

P.S. I will be posting pictures from his school Halloween party (which turned out fantastically once I successfully trumped the Gosselin mom – good call on that one, guys!), probably tomorrow. I haven’t been feeling well . Ask Henry – he was in the basement trying to fix the furnace when he overheard the dulcet notes of my vomiting as it traveled two floors through the vents. I’ve sort of been phoning it in the last few days.

P.P.S. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!

  5 Responses to “Pre-Trick-or-Treating Apple-Eating”

  1. God, Paul loves whoppers. He even makes me buy him that horrible dry malted crap and puts it on everything from cereal to sandwiches while taunting me(shudders).
    Chooch will be a delightful zombie clown I’m sure! Can’t wait to see him, the little rascal.
    As for us, if we can’t find something zombie related to do tonight, well be sitting in the dark to avoid trick or treaters and watching the walking dead!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I have to say I love Whoppers too. Can’t wait to see the pictures, Zombie clown sounds much more creative. Hope you feel better <3

  3. The trick to good white face is to use baby powder on top of the make-up. Apply the make-up with your fingers and then pat the entire face lightly to remove lines. Then take a sock full of baby powder and tap it lightly over the face. Brush off the excess powder with a clean make-up brush and you’ve got a base that will last all night and keep the colored make-up from running.

  4. ewww…whoppers. You can’t even trade those away.

  5. We made the mistake of buying a bad of candy too early and ate all of it except the Whoppers. I hate them so bad. Not sure if it’s because my mother loves them so much so I’ve rebelled against them. Maybe I should talk to a shrink about that.

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