Mar 172024

I woke up this morning totally in a fit having just had my annual Psycho Mike nightmare. These honestly come out of the blue, 갑자기, unprovoked and apropos of nothing other than what appears to be decades-long untreated and unresolved issues. It’s crazy because the last several times we saw each other – the last being right after my 21st bday I believe and if I remember correctly, I was even telling him about how I thought I “kinda” liked Henry – we were on good terms. Not exactly friends but we had made enough amends that if we were to ever run into each other, it would have been fine. But then these nightmares started, and I don’t know if it’s because he has never acknowledged the fact that he straight up abused me, I mean – I’m not armchair shrink but I have to believe that’s what is going on here. Anyway, this last one was a real doozy, I was trying to lock him out but all of doors were screen doors and I kept screaming for Janna to call the police but she wasn’t and I just really thought “this is it, he’s going to kill me this time.”

Also, in my dream we had a KID TOGETHER and oh lord, I can’t even imagine how catastrophic that would have been IRL.

Just realllly started my day off on a sour note. I even looked him up and was startled to see that he lives in a town not far from me so now I feel like I can never go there again.

All of this is to say that my day did get better, though! I had a brunch with Sandy, Nate, Amber and Lauren today at Sally Ann’s and they pulled out some bachelorette accoutrements much to my surprise (I thought Sandy was joking when we scheduled this back in January and she said, “ooh bachelorette brunch!” and Nate piped in that he’d bring the “pecker banner” which THANKFULLY did not happen, although they considered inviting Mitch as a stripper.)!

Sandy had Blame Henry and Team Henry sashes made!

And a ton of Henry Head Confetti!

I texted Henry and his review of this madness was:

And Sandy gifted me with these ducks which is a KOREAN WEDDING TRADITION SO NOW I FEEL A LITTLE MORE LEGIT!

As much as I feel weird and silly to want to make a big deal about these 20+ years in the making nuptials (so I have been trying to be lowkey about it), it’s nice to be reminded that my friends are here for it and want to celebrate it with us. Now, let’s just see if it actually happens, considering the amount of times I’ve called it off in the last week alone haha.

This weekend was beautiful.

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