Mar 262024

I have a lot to say about this because it’s been 23 years in the making, but for now, as a placeholder: IT WORKED. WE DID IT. HENRY AND I GOT MARRIED TODAY (3/26/24) IN SEOUL!

I’m eternally grateful for my dear friend Jiyong and her husband signing as witnesses for us when we visited them in Jeonju on Monday, and for the Jongno District Office not requiring witnesses to be physically present.

I’m appreciative of my friends back home who endured my constant stressing and hand wringing over the logistics. “What if this doesn’t work? What if we go all the way there and they’re like NO and then I look like a dumb dumb, like, ‘ha, u thought.'”

I love that Chooch came along for the ride and I love that he was thoroughly put-out when he had to CROSS THE STREET to come over and take these pictures for us GOD FORBID we interrupted his Pokemon Go’ing that he was doing while waiting for us to complete our bureaucratic gymnastics.

I love that in spite of all the people over the years who hated us, spread rumors about us, stood in front of our house harassing us, cyber bullied us…ok this is really just two people lol…we stuck it out all these years. It was really rough at times but we made it work.

This feels like such a relief and it’s also still kind of surreal but don’t worry, within 30 seconds of the license being stamped, I was already telling him he was annoying me so really not much has changed. Back to the regularly-scheduled Henry beratings :)

Now I’m going to relax and fully enjoy the rest of my time in my favorite place in the world without this hanging over my head!

  7 Responses to “👰 우리 결혼 했어요!🤵‍♂️”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS and yes I fucking yelled that!
    Took my husband and I more than a decade to get married. We just decided to one day so called around to find someone available to do it. Went to the guys house, he married us in his livingroom and his wife and daughter were the witnesses, perfect because not a chance in hell I’d be wearing a dress and all that crap. It’s even more special when couples together for so many yrs get married. It’s easy for people to want to marry when it’s early and you’ve not yet fantasized about smothering their annoying face with a pillow. But once you’re yrs deep and have already considered the pillow, it means so much more.
    Again, yelling, CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!!

  2. YES!!! i remember when i first started reading about henry on LJ i thought for sure he was your gay roommate LOL

    i’m so happy for you!! so weird being emotionally invested in someone you’ve never met in person but have known personal details about for 20 years :D

  3. I’m so happy for you!

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