Apr 292024

I’m not myself lately. What even is myself, though. The weekend was a strange one, I felt uncomfortable for most of it, sluggish, depressed, stressed. I know it’s growing pains, preparing for that next “SEASON OF LIFE” god I really hate that phrase like I’m barefoot in a meadow in bell bottoms. (Relatedly, the Zombies “Time of the Season” was on the radio the other morning when I was sick and already in a delirious half-lucid state and really listening to the lyrics of a song you’ve heard a hundred times over your life time can be really jarring, and this time was no exception. It actually made me so uncomfy and gross-feeling. Not for the first time I thanked god that I wasn’t around in the 60s, specifically a teen or young adult because I don’t think I would have fared well, as in, I could see myself getting swept up by the first gross man in Jesus sandals who asks me, “Who’s your daddy?” and waving at my parents from the back window of a LOVE VAN as it whisks me off to the compound.)

Anyway, today I’m sharing some mellow, moody, morose songs that get lumped in the Kpop category but are the perfect hand-holders for times like this.

Damien – Cassette

I actually forgot that this song existed until over the weekend when a KVille “songs that should have gone viral” video came on and this was included. It was a punch to the gut – I loved this sone when it came out! And fun fact, the scene where the cassettes are hanging from the ceiling is what gave me inspo for the “accent wall” that I originally wanted to do in the kitchen which then morphed into the 80s theme! (Originally it was just going to be the spice rack made from cassettes but from there I said, “But only albums from the 80s. Let me find a good 80s color palette too because we should just also paint all of the walls. Actually, let’s do the whole thing an 80s theme, brb logging into eBay for the first time in 5 years.”

Ryeowook – Drunk in the Morning

I know Super Junior is like UNKNOWN to all these new Kpop people because BTS or GTFO, but the fact that more people aren’t talking about how Ryeowook is one of the best voices in Korea (and beyond) is kind of gross to me. I have definitely posted this on here before but everyone needs to hear it again.

Also, don’t ask me to ever pronounce his name. My friend Jiyong once tried to get me to send her a voice message of me struggling to pronounce it so she could help me and I was like NO I WON’T DO IT AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME.

Wonho – Losing You

I prefer the Korean version but there’s only a official video for the English version. I still remember the first time I heard this – we had taken a day trip to Erie and were driving around country roads and screaming at MAGA signs, then this song came on Spotify and tears spontaneously sprung forth.

God, I love Wonho.

Jang Dong Woo – News

Same with the Wonho song, I remember the first time I heard this one too, and it was on the way home from Kings Island in 2019. I remember thinking, “THIS VOICE IS FAMILIAR” and immediately realizing he’s from Infinite, which was one of the first Kpop groups I ever knew about when I first got into this lifestyle. (“Eye” haunted me!!) But yeah, this song came super late at night, driving down the highway in the dark. What a vibe.

Woosung – Phase Me

Woosung is from The Rose and has one of the most recognizable voices. Fun fact, The Rose just performed at Coachella and it looked like they fucking killed it.

Onew – No Parachute

Onew is OOAK. I sent my friend Nate one of the videos of Onew singing opera, to which Nate said that Onew has the voice of a 7 foot angel. It is so true. Whenever people say “Kpop idols can’t sing, Kpop idols are tone deaf, Kpop idols are manufactured,” I happily direct them to ANY of SHINee’s members solo works.


Well, I’ll stop here even though I could go on and on and on like it’s my day job. Speaking of, so stoked to enter a new work week.

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