Dec 032010

I know, I know, boring hockey shit. Boo, Oh Honestly Erin! But I can’t fucking quit watching Crosby’s third goal. How do you DO THAT? I am obviously very excited about this. You can ask Chooch. I wouldn’t get him pretzels until he finally conceded to watching this on my phone.

He is just…I can’t even. For once I have no words. Look how short all these sentences are!

  7 Responses to “Crosby scores and I cry.”

  1. Wow, those were all beautiful goals!! I’d be that excited too.

  2. AHAHAHA I get teary sometimes too when Sid does awesome things… I always feel like such a weiner about it!

  3. Woo hoo! Fun to watch! Stopping from the Mom Loop.

  4. haha oh man… I don’t like Crosby (don’t hate me! I’m just a stupid Caps fan!) but he IS on my fantasy hockey team and this game got me a fabulous 12 points, so I am happy for him… and by extension, you :)

  5. Look at you getting all stoked about hockey :-)

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