Dec 052010

Chooch walked in while I was having my lips frosted and said, “You’re the biggest idiot, Mommy.”

“Did you already post those pictures?” Henry asked after saying my post-frosted face looks like a chemical burn. When I said I had, he looked all let down. Turns out he wanted me to take a picture of my stained face and tell Andrea that her My Pretty Zombie makeup tried to kill me. He’s just mad because she sent Chooch a whistle.

  13 Responses to “Here is what to do when you have a tub of expired frosting in your fridge.”

  1. So long as that expired frosting doesn’t smell too badly!

  2. That is awesome!

  3. You look like Amanda Lepore! (no offense).

  4. Creepy awesome!

    However, even with frosting smeared on your face, you still manage to be pretty. I hate you.

  5. You should’ve added some sprinkles to the cheeks. Make them pop a little more.

  6. Excellent use of otherwise wasted food!

  7. This is so Amanda Palmeresque of you! I approve.

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